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1 1 -— -• 1 amt r-JSr-J -;Sj~» Kiu. 0.— Order Nortriptyline Online Reverse of Fie. 8 ; record of piierperiiini and examination of the pa- tient at the end of puerperliiin and attendance. of this city — namely, the Library Bureau, 280 Broad- way, and Globe Company, Fulton and Pearl Streets. Such cards are elastic and portable Nortriptyline Mg and can be readily ii.) ; and the third, 11 tliagiiosis cartl (Fig. 10). which is practically a blank and is used for coiiiplicalions and where the first two cards prove insiinicient (o coiilain a given history. The observations to lie noted uiulrr pregnancy (Figs. r> and 7), laUir (Fig. 8), and the puerperium (Fig. 0) have iM'on carefully selectotl. and are the result of many years' ex|>criencc in olvitotric iii.xtory-taking. Such cnrd- history roeords, of eotirso, ueotl not Ih> liniittHl to ob- 814 PURDY: DETERMINATION OF ALBUMIN IN THE URINE. [N. Y. Med. Jock., stetrics, for the same case with the blank " diagnosis " cards (I''ig. 10) may be applied to general medicine and surgery. I am in the habit of urging upon my students the im- portance of starting some such method of history-taking in order that they may subsequently profi-t from a study of their eases. Should the physician not take up some methodical system of recording his cases at the outset of his practice, he is not likely to do so later. Of course, Nortriptyline 25 Mg it is not always pleasant to acknowledge one's errors upon paper, but one can learn as much or more from a subsequent study of such errors as from successes. Method of using the History Cards. — As already stated, there are only three printed cards in the ease, as labor and the Generic Nortriptyline puerperium are contained upon one card. For convenience in indexing and selecting, we use three colors — blue for pregnancy, salmon for labor and Fig. 10.— Blank card ruled ; used as extra card in pregnancy, labor, or puer- perium, or Nortriptyline 10mg BH index card for general non-ob»tetric eubjecte. puerperium, and bull for the Cheap Nortriptyline diagnosis or blank card. The pregnancy cards I keep in the proximal end of the case, by themselves, until finally indexed, and they con- stitute during this time an index of cases of expected confinement. Upon seeing a case of pregnancy in the office or at the patient's home, the Nortriptyline 10 Mg pregnancy card is made out and returned to its place in the box, Nortriptyline 25 and becomes a record of a case Buy Nortriptyline of an expected confinement. Upon the receipt of the first specimen of urine, the analysis, with date, is recorded upon the back Nortriptyline 25mg of the card, as well as any subsequent treatment or remarks upon the case. Upon being called to a case of labor, one selects the proper pregnancy card and a blank labor card to take with him to the case. During or after labor, the labor card is filled in and left at the case for the nurse to record the observations of the puerperium of both inother and child, the pregnancy card being returned to its place in the case. Should the labor or puerperium prove comiilirnlcd, requiring more fpace, the history is abstracted on Iho buff diagnosis card, and given a number referring to the Buy Nortriptyline Online detailed account of the case, written on the usual bedside history charts, which latter history sheets are

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