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filed in large letter-file boxes. The buff abstract card is then indexed alphabetically with the other cards. At the completion of the pnerperium, the labor and puerperium card is returned to the box. At the end of the year, or other convenient time, all cards belonging to a given case are fastened together with a brass clip and indexed among the alphabetical guides at the distal end of the box. We use the " Niagara clip," which securely holds the thinnest piece of paper Norvasc Pi and does away with pins and other puncture fasteners. For obstetric cases seen in hospital or consultation work, we carry to Norvasc 100 Mg the case the three Norvasc Logo cards, folded, in the pocket, and make the observations in the operating room or at the bedside. 50 East Thirty-focrth Street. QUANTITATIVE DETEEMINATION OF ALBUMIN IN THE UEINE. By CHARLES W. PURDY, CHICAGO. M. D., LL. D., Although fairly accurate Generic Norvasc Price and ready methods of de- tecting the presence of albumin Norvasc 2 Mg in the urine have been kno-mi and practised for over a century, yet it can not be said that any of our present methods for quantita- tive estimation of albumin in the urine are in any de- gree satisfactory for practical clinical work. The gravi- metric method requires so much Norvasc Canada time and labor to reach trustworthy results that it is altogether out of the ques- tion for daily work. The volumetric method of Esbach requires twenty-four hours' time to reach results, which in the end can not be said to be uniform or satis- factory. The coarser volumetric methods, as coagula- tion by heat or other agents and standing aside in graduated tubes for measurement, give no uniform or exact results that can be taken as a safe Norvasc 7.5 Mg guide in clinical work. In addition to this, the present lack of a uniform method of expressing quantities of albumin in the urine by the different methods has rendered the whole subject Norvasc 7 Mg Norvasc Coupon confusing and misleading not only to the student but often to Generic Norvasc 10mg the clinician. Thus we hear and read of the expression " percentage of albumin in the urine " as applied indifferently to gravimetric and volumetric measurements, as though they were synonymous in sig- nification, when, as a nuittcr of fact, Norvasc Patent the dilTcrenccs between the two are so widely apart as to be absolutely misleading unless the proper distinction is made. Thus it is no uncommon thing to note in the urine the presence Norvasc 5mg Generic of twenty or thirty per cent, of albumin ex- pressed vnlunii'Irif'nlly. Such a percentage by actual weight wniilil lir II pliysical impossibility, because the airioiiiil lit iillMiinin in tlie lilood seruui itself never I'x- cccils nine' |"T (vnl.; iind il uciuld I licrcfiu-i' lie clciirlv iuipossilile Buy Norvasc 5mg for liic |(rultiid eonlents of any fluid derived June 17, 1899.1 PURDY: DETERMINATION OF ALBUMIN IN THE URTNE. =45 directly from the blood to exceed the albumin in the blood serum itself. As a matter of fact, the amount of albumin in the urine, expressed gravimetrically, rarely rises above two and a half per cent., and perhaps never exceeds three per cent. It is therefore obvious that at present we lack a ready, trustworthy, and convenient method for the determination of albumin in the urine, coupled with more exact and definite methods of ex- pressing results obtained. A method embracing these essential features as its basis should lend valuable aid in clinical observation, and tend to greater precision in the therapeutics of albuminuria, both of which are greatly needed. With these objects in view, about five years since I began experimental investigations of the subject, and within the last year I have been enabled to bring my investigations to a satisfactory conclusion. In brief, the method finally adopted and now brought for- ward consists in precipitation of the albumin by a uniform method, uniform Norvasc Cmi measurement Norvasc Coupons of the same volumctrically by means of the centrifuge, the deter- mination of the actual relationship between volumetric and gravimetric perceniage, and finally the establish- ment of a table for practical work that expresses these relations in detail. In order to harmonize the different mctlKxls of expressing quantities now Norvasc 50 Mg in vogue, the table is made to show the volumetric percentage, its corre- sponding gravimetric value of dry albumin, and the cor- rospojiding niiiiiber of grains of albumin to the fiuid ouQce. A number of methods of determining the quantity of albumin Norvasc 5mg Price in the urine volumctrically have been devised upon the principle of precipitation by reagents and al- lowing a definite time for packing by gravitation, and some of these have lK>en much in vogue in clinical work. It re<|uire9 but little exact observation, however, to show that results thus obtained are very far from being uniform or accurate when compared with those Norvasc Other Names obtained gravimetrically, and therefore tiioy are Cheap Norvasc Online misleading. The foro
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