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elixir, and Dover's powder prevacid 42 count in the re- maining 8. The quantity used varied from ^ of a grain of morphia, or its equiv- alent, to 60 grains daily. A considera- ble number of persons not recognized as opium-eaters used the equivalent of from ^ to 1 grain daily, and in the more con- prevacid savings card firmed cases recorded, perhaps 15 per cent, prevacid chewable tablets of the subjects used from 1 to 3 grains daily, 15 per cent, used 3 to 6 grains, 30 per cent, used 6 to 10 grains, 15 per cent used 10 to 15 grains, 15 per cent, used 15 to 20 grains, 7 per cent, used 30 grains, prevacid discount card and 3 per cent, used 60 grains. Only four or five persons used the hypodermic prevacid naprapac 500 method. Some took the drug in two or three daily doses, and some a large dose at intervals of prevacid ac from one to three days. The effects va- ried very greatly, some persons being stout and rosy, some thin and sallow ; but, sooner or hiter, there were symp- toms of disordered nutrition, enerva- tion, and moral degradation. Dr. Earle prevacid en espanol regards the opium habit not as a dis- ease, but as a vice, though he does not deny that its long continuance will pro- duce a diseased condition ; free prevacid coupons but so also, he says, will alcoholic indulgence, glut- tony, tea-drinking, and Hcentiousuess. He (piotes the sixth chapter of 1st Co- rinthians in proof that the misery result- prevacid generic equivalent ing from the habit is continued after death, and believes it should also be punished as a vice on earth ! It is hard- ly prevacid 24 hour coupon necessary to say that afterward, when speaking of treatment, it appears that he does not adhere to this doctrine of PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDIC generic name for prevacid IX E. 141 the necessity of the threefold penalty, but siiinewhivt inconsistently does lii.s utmost to relieve tiic patient. Most patients desire to abandon the habit, and it is found that it may he done, with care, with perfect safety to life. Relapses fretpiently occur, especially if paiu or calamity su])ervc'ncs. The re- commencinjj: dose prevacid 24hr coupon will be small, but the maximum will be quickly reached. Sud- den deprivation of the drug Dr. Earle thinks dangerous, from the alarming j»rostration which occurs. The patient must be absolutely under control of the l)hysician, and must be treated practi- cally as if his word was to be doubted — though some are truthful. The last dose having been taken, he should be >earched in a quiet but thorough man- ner, and any concealed prevacid for sale su])i)ly removed. Tie will need prevacid otc coupon a day- and night-nurse, and should never be left alone. It may take four or tive days to withdraw the drug, during wliich time he will sufter little. It is after the last particle is witlidrawn that suffering begins, and coryza, diarrhoea, vomiting, nmscular pains, and sleeplessness occur. The coryza lasts but a few days, and is treated with carbonate of ammonium, quinine, and cubebs, and a snuff of morphia, bismuth, and acacia. The di- arrhoeal discharges are dark, and quite painfnl. Astringents and acetate of lead are to be used. The vomiting comes coupons for prevacid 24 hour with the di:'rrhoea, and is controlled with carbolic acid, bismuth, and ice. The muscular pains are the most trou- Vdesome symptom, unless it be the feel- ing of dejiression or letting down, which early occurs. The hot bath is useful, and any anodyne not containing opium. Iron, bark, and strychnia are used early and throughout the treatment. Bro- mide of sodium has been of use. The fluid extract of coca has been found of great use in generic prevacid otc the late cases in which it has been tried, if the stomach will re- tain full doses, and enables the morphia to be withdrawn more promptly. In one case, however, there was reason to fear the formation of a coca habit. Sleep usually comes after five or six nights, but in nervous patients chloral or .some liyi)notic siiould be given, with caution, lest a habit should be formed. The symptoms are not as severe where the drug has been used hypodermically. A i)atient will rosort to any subterfuge to get the drug, and till several days or weeks have been i)assed without it, his moral sense is in abeyance, and he can not be trusted. The various '' opium- antidotes" in the market prevacid otc 30mg are composed of some form of prevacid sale o])ium, belladonna, can- nabis indica, chloral, etc. Dr. Earle be- lieves that cheap prevacid online physicians' prescriptions con- taining opium, chloral, or alcohol should bear a printed request to the a])othecary not to renew them without direction, and that the greatest caution should be used in prescribing and continuing such drugs. A patient should never be taught to use a hypodennic syringe. 41. In this case of opium halit treat- ed icith coca, a lady, having begun to use morphia for the relief of jiaiu, at last reached the amount of sixteen grains daily. Thirty hours after having relin- quished it, she was found in great agony, excitement, and restlessness. Bromide

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