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0.448 2.15 48 1. 4.8 that preliminary quantitative testing will not be required save in case.s of great e.vccss. 2. With regard to manipulation of the reagents, the two cubic centimetres of fifty per cent, acetic acid should be added to ten cubic centimetres of the urine, the latter being as nearly as practicable of normal acidity, having been tiius rendered as aaa discount propecia previously directed. The impor- tance of proper acidity of the urine before submitting it to the test depends u])on the facts (n) that if the urine is neutral or alkaline, the two cubic centimetres of acetic acid may not bo sufTicient to secun; procipita- lion of hU the albumin present, and (h) if the acid is in excess, it tends to dissolve the albumin after its pre- {•ipitation. After the nildjtioii (if flic two cubic ccnlimcj ros of acetic acid the txibes should be inverted three or four times to insure complete mixture with the urine; then three cubic centimetres of one-to-ten solution of potas- sium ferrocyanide should be added, the tubes again in- verted till well mingled, OK(i then stood aside for ten min- utes. Those who are familiar with the behavior of potas- sium-ferrocyanide solutions in the presence of albumin will recall the fact that precipitation is propecia cost without insurance somewhat tardy as compared with that with most other albumin precipi- tants. One of the possible sources of error with this test depends upon the discount generic propecia above-named fact, because precipi- tation seems to be much slower in some propecia cost uk cases than in others, depending largely upon the varying degrees of acidity of the urine. Observations conducted in this laboratory have demonstrated that if the urine is al- lowed to stand for ten minutes after the reagents have been added, all the albumin is precipitated. It propecia cost will also be recalled by those familiar with the ferrocyanide reac- tion that the latter rarely takes place with the proteids ordinarily found in the urine other than albumin, and therefore this reagent is especially suited for quantita- tive determinations of albumin. The quantity of albu- min in the urine, when excessive, exercises a disturbing influence over all volumetric methods of measurement, it being practically impossible to secure uniform read- ings with small and large quantities of albumin indif- ferently. It has for this discount propecia online reason been found better to dilute the urine, in case the volume of albumin exceeds ten per cent., so that said volume shall range below ten per cent. It has been ascertained under the conditions specified for this propecia discount program test that under ten per cent, the re- sults are uniform. If, then, for example, a preliminary test shows twenty per cent, of albumin to be present, the urine should be diluted how much does propecia cost uk with two volumes of water, and the product should be multiplied by three before using the table. Minute errors may arise from measure- ments in propecia cost with insurance diluting the urine, but with due care these should be practically eliminated, especially propecia cost per month if the dilu- tions are made with the burette. 3. Lastly, with regard to packing and measurement: The first and most important essential is an efficient centrifuge. The Purdy electric centrifuge possesses all the essentials for exact work, including carefully gradu- ated percentage tubes, proper radius, and speed indi- cator to secure uniformly graded speed, and all observa- tions upon which this test is founded were conducted with this instrument. If this is at hand, very few additional suggestions are necessary. If the above- named instrument is "not obtainable, one must be em- ployed that possesses certain essential foaturts, or is capable of such modification as will include these essen- tials, as follows: propecia discount card (a) It will be necessary to have two percentage tubes carefully graduated in tenths of a cubic centimetre of cn]incity of fifteen cubic centimetres each. These tubes are more accurate if the last two or three centimetres of the tube are drawn out some- what conicnlly at their lips, (fc) The propecia tablets cost in india arm of the con- June 17, If VOORHEES: PUERPERAL SEPSIS. 847 trifuge should be so constructed or modified that its radius is exactly six inches and three quarters — that is to say, the linear distance from the centre of the axle to the tip of either tube must discount propecia be just propecia discount pharmacy six inches and three quarters, (c) The motor must be capable of an even and sustained speed of fifteen hundred revolutions per minute, propecia cost in india with the required radius, and carrying thirty cubic centimetres of urine. Some reliable method of gauging the exact speed of the motor must be em- ployed. propecia price uk Any centrifuge that fulfills discount propecia australia the above-named requirements will give buy discount propecia accurate results as indicated by this method and the accompanj'ing table. It may be stated in conclusion that nearly all the experimental observations upon which this method and table are established have been worked out upon sam- ples of albuminous urine obtained from cases of actual renal disease. The method followed has been that of first carefully obtaining the exact volumetric percent- age of the albumin; its careful separation upon a dry filter of known weight; subsequent drying in an oven until it no longer loses weight; then ascertaining the propecia cost comparison exact gravimetric percentage and comparing this with the previously ascertained volumetric percentage. For the benefit of those who may desire to investigate this

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