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minal sensory nerve fibres, and not secondarily by iscliEemia prozac discount coupons or frigidity, as is the case with some of the other local anesthetics. He proved this by the following experiment: Having decapitated a frog and cut out its heart, he suspended the frog buy prozac online no prescription canada from a framework so that one of its hind extremities dipped into a one-third-per- cent, solution of HCl ; in from two to three seconds discount prozac after the immersion the leg was suddenly and violently jerked out of the solution. He then bathed the frog's leg in a one-per-cent. solution of holocaine, dried it, then bathed it in a O.G-per-cent. prozac price ireland salt solution, and then again immersed the leg in the one-third-per-cent. HCl; this time the frog's leg was not jerked out of the solution until five to twelve seconds after the immersion. He foimd that the longer he bathed the extremity in the holocaine solution the buy prozac online no prescription longer was the reaction period; that if the immersion lasted one minute, the leg was not withdrawn from the HCl solution at all. Thus he demonstrated that holocaine acts by paralyzing the ter- minal filaments of the sensory nerves. A one-per-cent. solution of holocaine retards the growth of bacteria, and it is therefore a good prozac price without insurance antiseptic. When brought into the circulation, holocaine proves to be a powerful convul- sive buy prozac online no prescription needed poison, similar to strychnine. The toxic dose of holocaine for mice is 0.001 gramme; for raobits of buy prozac uk two thousand grammes, 0.01 gramme (of cocaine, 0.05 gramme; of eucaine, 0.075 gramme). In a discussion as to the relative merits of local anaesthetics, eucaine, as compared with cocaine and holo- caine, may be left entirely out of consideration, inasmuch as it not only has no advantages over these remedies, but has positive disadvantages. As regards holo- caine and cocaine, the results of my investigations on healthy eyes may be briefly summarized as follows: Both cocaine and holocaine possess the common property of paralyzing the terminal filaments of the sensory nerves, and both are therefore good local anaesthetics. For prac- tical purposes there is no great difference between them, as regards the time of onset or the duration of anaes- thesia. Nor do they materially differ in the intensity of the resulting ana3sthesia. Either remedy may there- fore be used indifferently in the ordinary operations on the eye. But whereas the cocainized eye in my experi- ment was pale, protruding, of lowered tension, with the pupil dilated and the fissure generic prozac no prescription of the eyelid enlarged, the holocainized eye was red and inflamed, of normal ten- sion, not protruding, pupil normal, and palpebral fis- sure not enlarged. This difference in the effects of cocaine and holocaine is explained by the well-known action of cocaine as an irritant to buy prozac canada the terminal sympa- thetic nerve fii)res, and its consequent vasoconstrictor effects. The pallor of the eyeball is therefore due to ilie powerful contraction of the blood and lymph vessels following the application of cocaine. The haziness and dryness of tlu; cornea are also dne to the generic prozac vasoconstrictor effect of llir cDrainc, mHIiou'tIi Ilic alxilitinii of Ilie rcllex June 17, I'iyj. HOWE: A COMPOUND MICROSCOPE FOR YIEWIKG THE EYE. 851 nictitatory functions of the eyelids, as a result of the an£Esthetic condition of the eye, is also partially re- Bponsible for thera. But neither in my observations nor in the experiments of others was any effect of holocaine on the sympathetic nerves to be observed. From these observations we may derive conclusions as to the indica- tions for the use of either one drug or the other. For the removal of a foreign body from the cornea holo- caine is to be prefeiTed, for, unlike cocaine, it does not produce the subsequent disagreeable mydriasis; also for a strabismus operation is holocaine to be preferred, for cocaine causes the muscle to shrink, and thus often per- mits some muscular fibres to escape the strabismus hook. In the treatment of inflammatory affections of the conjunctiva and cornea, associated with painful blepharospasm, holocaine is of great value, for it not only relieves the spasm and allaj's the pain, but also acts as an antiseptic, buy generic prozac no prescription and thus as a curative agent. But, on the other hand, cocaine is to be preferred in the per- formance of an iridectomy where the arteries appear atheromatous and where we would avoid a considerable haemorrhage. The vasoconstrictor effect of cocaine, and the diminished tension of the ej-eball, together with the subsequent deepening of the anterior chamber, are all factors in favor of using cocaine for the performance of an iridectomy under these circumstances. For the ex- traction of a cataract where the pupil is small, cocaine is to be preferred on account of its mydriatic action. For the many other operations on and about prozac price per pill the eye, these two agents may be used indifferently, unless, in- deed, the bactericidal action of holocaine sliould incline us to use it in preference to cocaine. This latter consid- generic prozac price eration prozac cost uk is sometimes of prozac purchase uk great importance, especially if we consider the time and trouble it requires to sterilize a solution of cocaine. In choosing our aniesthetic for operations on the ear, nose, and tliroat, we must con- sider whether the disadvantage of the freer hsemorrhage following the use of holocaine is more objectionable than the disadvantageous and undesirable shrinkage of the tissues following the use of cocaine. That the shrinkage of the tissues caused by cocaine is at times a disadvan- tage is illnstraled l)y the following case: A lady of a somewhat nervous disposition, suffering from obstructed nasal breathing, was recon\niended to me by Dr. L. for treatment. On examination I found an hypertro])hy of the posterior tip of tlie inferior turbinated body. The lady being very sennilive, I appliepurchase generic prozac aniestlielie, I shniild have prozac cost per pill been spared the vexa- tion of lia\ing to ask llie laily for a second visit for the p«TformiiM(e of the operation. Besides the well-known hitler IhhIc and ilisagn-ealile choking xeniialion wbieli co- caine produces when applied to the nose and throat, it also produces a sensation of dr\-ness which causes the pa-

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