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tric contents of- twenty-three persons with organic heart disease. Hufler was of the opinion that free HCl was absent in almost all cases of valvular heart lesions, but subsequent examinations made by other observers have shown that this is not the case. For example, Einhorn, in twelve cases examined, found that free HCl was pres- ent in eight and absent in four. Adler and Stern, in twenty cases examined, found free HCl always present in sixteen, variable in two, and always absent Buy Renova Online in two cases. Hemmeter found the gastric secretions normal in eight cases of mitral regurgitation, two of aortic re- gurgitation, and two Purchase Renova of mitral insufficiency. In my own cases an aortic systolic murmur was pres- ent in five. Free Buy Requip HCl was present in four of these cases and absent in one. A mitral systolic murmur was found in eight cases. Free HCl was absent in one case, Buy Renova subnormal in one, and nearly normal in the others. A mitral presystolic murmur was found in five cases. Free HCl was absent in one case, normal in Order Requip one, and in excess in the other three. An aortic and mitral systolic murmur was present in four cases. In one, free HCl was present in excess, and absent in the others. Of Renova Price the three cases in which HCl was present, in one the total acidity was ten, and rennet was absent. In the two Renova Buy others Renova Prices rennet was present; the total acidity in one was twenty, and in tlie other seventy- two. Simple hypertrophy of the left ventricle, due to pro- longed muscular exertion, was present in one case. HCl was absent, rennet was present, and the total acidity was four. It will be seen, therefore, from the record of these sixty-seven cases, that there is no constant relation be- tween the state of the gastric secretions and any one form of organic heart disease. Neither docs the pres- ence of heart disease seem in many (n.^es to Cost Of Renova stand in the way of the recovery of patients suffering from the vari- ous forms of stomach trouble, for my n'cords show that such patients get along just as well on I lie way to recov- ery as those whose hearts are in a nornuil ismdition. Of the twenty-three jiaticnts examined, three cnmo in Order Renova only a few times, ten were seen but once, throe were greatly improved, and seven Renova Coupon made complete recovcrioa. In those Renova Cream who recovered or witt greatly improved, intrnga.otrie faradization was used Cheap Requip in seven, lavage and faradization in oni-. and lavago nioue Renova Cost in two. Tho patients were Requip Mg directed in regard to bathing, exorcise, etc., and the diet in all ea«e» was carefully n'gulntod. * Rnul liT Utip Hi Uip inniiiil mcvllnit of ih* Anxricui OmIto- ptitrnilnclr*) A»cM-liilliPrice Of Renova grains; Water 1,800 ^ " Vanillin ji^o of a grata ; Purchase Requip Mue^ilage of acacia, j. ^^^j^^ g^g ^^^-^^ M. A papspoonful three or four times a day. The benzoate of uropherine may be used if there is an idio- syncrasy for salicylic acid. Sugar in Dermatology. — Hodard (Semaine medi- cale, 31,' 1899 ; Gazzetta degli ospedali e delle cliniche, May ISth) has found great service from the siccative and keratoplastic properties of powdered sugar when added to various unguents for use in moist eczema, im- petigo, ecthyma, and other vesicular and pustular der- matoses. Renova Online The author uses the following formula: J^ Buy Requip Online Lanolin, ^ 1^'^''% „,, Uf each.... 300 grains; Powdered sugar, ( " Oxide of zinc, J Glycerin, | „ , i ein « Sulphur, f°f -^^"^'^ 1^^ M. For Cystitis. — Eibiero {Dunglison's College and Clinical Record, April 15th) recommends: :^ Salol 150 grains ; Salipyrine / ^f ^^^j ^5 . Bromide of camphor, ) M. Divide into twenty capsules. One to be taken every

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