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three hours. Also : Benzoic lemonade made in concentrated decoc- Risperdal Cost tion of uva ursi (bearberry) and hordcum (barley). Four to six tablespoonfuls daily. For Epididymitis. — The Riforma medica for May 4th ascribes tlic following to Neumann: 1^ Extract of belladonna 15 grains; Simple ointment 300 M. For local application. The Treatment of Granular Conjunctivitis. — The Riforma medica for May 8th attributes the following to Hloobaum : 1^ Sulphate of copper, ) Salicylic Risperidone 1 Mg acid, |- of each .. 1^ grain; Cocaine, ) Vaseline 150 grains. M. Anoint the conjunctiva therewith. For Bronchorrhoea. — Maragliano Cheap Risperdal {Riforma medica. May 15th) recommends: "IJ Benzoic acid 30 grains ; Tannin 15 M. Divide into five powders. One to be taken every two hours. NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL. A Weekly Review of Medicine. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1899. THE SIGN OP THE TONGUE IN Buy Cheap Risperdal INFLUENZA. In the Journal de medecine interne for May 1st D'Hotel quotes the Arab proverb, " Death enters by the mouth," and asks, " May not the same formula be true of influenza ? " The author's attention was directed some time since to a special form of angina which with general febrile disturbance he Buy Risperdal found to precede by a period of from three to five days the gastro-intestinal and thoracic complications, which, as a rule, are only secondarily developed in influenza. He therefore set to work to investigate whether these prodromes of pharyngitis and stomatitis noticed by him had Risperdal Price been general, or were merely a local manifestation of the epidemic. In the Risperdal Online Purchase Risperdal Online course of his investigations Order Risperdal he found that alongside of the before-mentioned symptoms, Risperidone 1 which appeared incon- stant, there was uniformly present in both slight and grave cases a condition of the tongue so peculiar and characteristic as to be almost pathognomonic. This condition consisted in the formation, on the next day or the next day but one after the invasion. of a white, What Is Risperidone opalescent coating, more or less thick, and covering the centre of the tongue. Subsequently, ac- cording as the attack was light and cut short, or became prolonged and complicated, the coating Risperdal Tablets diminished, be- Risperidone Mg ginning from the tip, or remained. This sign was the last to disappear; and according to the author it was not rare to find, three weeks after the invasion, a whit- ish triangle still at the base of the tongue, bearing testi- mony to its previous condition, and indicating that the patient was yet in a latent morbid condition, however much his functional condition might appear to have re- turned to normal ; a condition in which any imprudence, a chill, etc., might Purchase Risperdal light up a broncho-pneumonia or other complication. But the most important character of this sign was its chemical reaction. Not only was it very persistent, in spite of laxatives and Risperdal Mg intestinal antiseptics, but, while tlie reaction of the buccal fluid normally gives a neutral or only very faintly acid reaction, as soon as the fur appeared the test paper reddened strongly, especially when ruhb(Kl against the fur. This acid reaction diminished as the disease abated, in ordinary June 17, 1899.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 855 cases beginning to weaken from the sixth or seventh day. When the reaction returned to normal, however, if there was the least patch of fur remaining on the tongue, the litmus would still redden strongly on being rubbed against it. From these facts the author naturally reasoned to an alkaline treatment of influenza, 1 Mg Risperidone and according to his experience that has proved of the greatest possible value. The frequent administration Buy Risperdal Online of alkalies in sufB- cient doses, Order Risperdal Online while they had little effect locally upon the tongue, merely cleansing it Generic Risperdal without removing the coating, he found to produce a lessened duration of the disease, a more free and prompt restoration to health, and a much greater infrequency of complications. Even when complications were already declared, this treatment appeared to be markedly beneficial, more

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