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especially in thoracic complications of all kinds. It seems to us that the accuracy or otherwise of the author's observations should be easily robaxin 500 mg established, the correctness of the reaction test being especially amen- able to general investigation ; while the robaxin high course of treat- ment suggested by him, being a rational deduction if his premises are sound, can with equal ease be put to a practical test for verification. The investigation is one which can be carried out without effort by the vast mass of general practitioners, who, as it happens, have the largest practical acquaintance with robaxin 750 mg the disease. THE UKHIT UK WAY FOR THE INFIR.M. The danger incurred by pedestrians in crossing the crowded thoroughfares of New York is growing robaxin canada greater and greater almost day by day. purchase robaxin It is robaxin generic moderated to a certain degree during the Bunimer months, when the generic robaxin oarriajjps of the fashionable people are withdrawn for a time, and when traflic is not quite so brisk as robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer it is dur- ing the trade season, but it robaxin generic name is sure to be renewed and robaxin 500mg tablets to bo worse than ever by October. It seems to bo too late to correet the aninino phm on which that portion of the town that lies between Washington Square and Central Park wnH laid out, whereby were provided plenty generic for robaxin of rro»9-»trcctH for travel over the short distances from the Knst HivrT to the North Rivfr, while the streets running lengthwise of Miinl\nttan Island were made few and far l»ctween, although tlie l(>nst approach to foresight ought to have shown that it was by them alone that the great |iropondernn done away with in groat measure. Certainly some attempt at doing away with it ought to bo nuulo. It Koonu* robaxin 550 mg to \\» qiiiti' right and feasible that some eompotont authority, the Iward of health, for example, should be empowered to issue to infirm pemona some small and readily robaxin mg portable robaxin 750 object robaxin brand name — perhaps a rod cross. made of 856 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [N. y. Med. Joub., robaxin euphoria wood robaxin 500 — the display of which should serve to warn the drivers of vehicles that the bearer had the legal right of way. Of course, such a device would have to be accom- panied by a license, to be shown on demand as evidence that the person was not fraudulently profiting by some- body else's inflrmit}' — in short, to bear the same relation to the emblem that a dog license bears to the tag on the animal's collar. We would have the emblem and the license obtainable only on satisfactory medical evidence of the existence of real disability, and we would have the holder's right of way made as unquestionable as that of a mail wagon, a robaxin 1000 mg fire engine, or an ambulance wagon. THE BIOLOGICAL BASIS OF SKXUAL ETHICS. The Maryland Medical Journal for May 13th, in an editorial referring to the annual recrudescence of sexual assaults by negroes upon white women, which robaxin 75 mg occurs, it would appear, chiefly in the months of May and June, says that the anatomical and physiological conditions of the African must be understood, his place in the anthro- pological scale realized, and his biological basis accepted as being unchangeable by man before we shall be able

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