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ject of having them swing on trunnions is to empty them of bto7ies or other incombustible matter that might get into them. If they were placed in picnic grounds, the children would see Buy Salmeterol that all papers were consumed. They might even be put in suburban streets in proj)cr places. In this case they should be heavy Buy Cheap Serevent and firmly secured, to prevent their easy de- struction or removal. All children like to Purchase Salmeterol play with fire; give them a safe, interesting, and useful way of gratifying their inclinations in this line, and they will hunt for the materials. Some police supervision is, of course, implied. A I'K( TMAK Mi)l>K nV U Purchase Salmeterol Online A.STrUBATlitN. l)n. Ix)UlsK Diioinu.ARD (Woman's Medical Jour- nal, .Mine) relates the case of a young womnn of twenty- two, of bad family antccrdi'nts, who had bi-cn attacked with psychopathic syriii>ti)ni.'< cdiiicidi-nt with menstrual derangement, and fiij.'li investigaliKn elicilr.l the fact that the jmtient could produce sexual excitement and nalisfactioii by the ninnipulatiitns iM-fore nfcrred to. Hlio did not soiOrder Serevent for possibly hitherto unsuspected methods of inducing sexual erethism. PETROLEUM DRINKING. TriERK seems to be no limit Generic Salmeterol to the extent to which people will go in their efforts to " steal away their brains " for a time. Xot only alcohol Buy Salmeterol Online in its various palatable forms, Generic Serevent but even the methylated alcohol used for lamps, ether, sal volatile, and other things are used to produce that condition of inebriety whose chief charm would appear to be the banishment of all objectix-ity and the induction of a state " the world forgetting, by the world forgot," though occasionally the latter part of the formula is far from being attained. In Paris it would seem that there is danger of petroleum drink- ing becoming a craze. One would think the stuff was too nauseous to tempt any one's appetite. It seems that the chief advantage is supposed to lie in the fact that, while the subjective stage of inebriety is in- duced, it leaves no headache in the morning or other depressing feeling. Whether it has any ultimate in- jurious effects it Purchase Serevent Online is, of course, at present too early in the history of the vice to say; but whether it does or not, it is an evidence of the great craving for the pro- duction of an abnormal state, in which the objective relations are dulled and deadened, and the individual is, as it were, thrown back on his own subjectivity, with senses, feelings, and emotions dulled and energies rendered compulsorily quiet. The inebriety that comes from wines is a natural process, in this sense that Buy Cheap Salmeterol it is usually the taste that first attracts, and the systemic effects that arc found to be pleasurable follow subsequently. But in this new vice it nnist be a deliberate seeking after the abnor- mal deadened condition that prompts to it. We fancy that many of the excesses that are common are the in- evitable result of centralization and overcroxvding of masses together in cities, and the increasing struggle thereby rendered necessary to provide for artificially aroused cravings. The truest movement toward tem- perance would, in our opinion, be a movement from the towns and artificial conxentional life back again to the country, with simpler needs and loss " hustling " to satisfy them. However, such a Order Serevent Online condition is unat- tainable until Nature by its Order Salmeterol own methods rectifies the disturbed balance and produces the desired results. Meanwhile, xvc su|)pose all that Buy Serevent Online can be done to stem the evil is to try to educate the people to the personal injury they are doing to themselxes. Purchase Serevent and to prorfch contentment with simpler coiulitions of life. ASIMDIUM .SPINIM.OSIM IN TAPKWOHM. L.VITIIKN {Therapnilisch« MonaUhrftf, April) has studied the effects of another relative of Vilix mas, the A»pulium syiiiulnsiim, in tapeworm. He o.xtrootcd eight hundred and Ihirtv grammes of dried powder of the fern, obtaininr; eighty-three gramiin of n brown color. Of tins he took four gran ig as he was from tajicwurin at the time, a; ■ .. ..irs later Order Salmeterol Online took a dose of castur oil. .\s a result, a Hitlhrio- rrfilirtluit Inltis, almut twcnl\ ■-i\ fit Imn:. nunc away with its heail. Other r:< ' with it ari« rpforred to, nnd it nv i- plant We have a remedy eiTir, lo / i/ix miM. 858 EDITORIAL ARTICLES.— ITEMS. [N. Y. Med. Jour., UNLICENSED PRACTICE IN A PARIS HOSPITAL. The Paris newspapers have recently discovered that an individual engaged in the oil trade has been prac- tising medicine as a specialist in eye and ear diseases

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