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and as an accoucheur, and that he has been able to benefit himself substantially by referring to his connec- tion with the Lariboisiere, at which hospital he was for a long time one of the most assiduous attendants at the clinics, posing as a retired naval surgeon. After a time he was allowed to assist in dressing wounds, and finally in operations. It was at last discovered that he had no medical qualifications, and that he had al- ready been fined for illegal practice, and then he got his conge. Several of our cheap seroquel xr Paris contemporaries, in- cluding the Progres medical and the Gazette medicale de Paris for May 13th, comment on this remarkable occurrence, and with perfect Justice, it seems to us, complain of the la.xity of administration which admits persons without any sort of credentials to the hospital clinics. It is imdoubtedly an abuse cheap alternative seroquel to be guarded against most sedulously. SCABIES OP THE CORNEA. Such an affection as this is undoubtedly among the greatest of rarities. In a case reported by Siimisch {Klinische Monatshldtter fill- Auge7iheilkunde, 1898; Presse medicale, May G, 1899) the lesion simulated buy seroquel online no prescription a streak of keratitis and was treated accordingly, but without seroquel cost without insurance benefit. Then citrine ointment was employed. This aggravated the pain, but it seems to have loosened the acarus, a female with eight eggs, which was re- moved. The patient, a farm laborer nineteen years old, had no cutaneous manifestation of scabies, and none of his cheap seroquel online associates had anv. cheap seroquel THE PRESERVATION OP SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTS. Dr. Marcel Baudouin, in the Gazette medicale de Paris for May aOth, refers to a fire which recently occurred in the library of the French Chamber of Com- merce which, while inconsiderable in itself, neverthe- less resulted in the destruction of many important docu- ments by fire and water. Dr. Baudouin pleads for incombustible libraries, and concludes with the remark: seroquel cost comparison "If we were in New York, such a building would have been constructed long ago." GENERAL MUSCULAR PARESIS DUE TO INKIiUENZA. Truly, influenza is a protean disease as regards its manifestation and sequela;. M. Boutry {Bulletin de la Societe medicale des purchase seroquel xr praticiens, January; Nord medical, May 1st) reports a case in which it gave rise to a generalized semi-paralysis that became serious by reason of its involving the respiratory muscles. It was five months before the patient could be considered as cii red . BUTTER AS A VEHICLE OV THK TUI'.KIU'LK IJACILLUS. It seems that absolute reliance can not be ])laccd on paHt refutations of Obermiiller's allegation tliat the butter found in tlie markets contains tubercle bacilli as a rub;. Dr. L. Kabbinowitseh (DeuLsrhe modici- nisclie Wochenachrifl, 1899, No. 1; Centralblalt fi'ir in- nere Medicin, May 30th) reports the buy seroquel no prescription buy seroquel online uk general freedom of Berlin butter from the bacillus, but says also that all the varieties of butter obtained from a certain large establishment contained the bacilli, together with un- usually large numbers of other bacteria. We may infer, therefore, that it is not always the dairyman that is responsible for the seroquel cost usa contamination. FLOWERS AND DISEASE GERMS. At a recent meeting of the French Academy of Sciences {Presse medicale, May 10th) M. Domingos Freire stated that flowers harbored numerous sapro- phytic and pathogenic germs. In a rose he had found the Streptococcus pyogenes, and in another flower the Bacillus pyocyaneus. He suggested that there might be some subtle pigmentary relations between microbes and the flowers they infested, and declared that sev- eral sorts of microbes gave out the odors of such flow- ers. We buy seroquel online cheap hope that M. Freire's observations will not injure the florists' trade. HYSTERICAL EXOPHTHALMIC GOlTRE. It is doubtless well to look upon exophthalmic goitre not as a distinct entity, but as the expression now of one morbid state and again of another. seroquel cost canada This was insisted upon by M. Debove at a recent meeting of the Hospital Medical Society of Paris {Progres medical. May 6th). He related a case in which the affection seemed to have been of hysterical origin. It yielded readily to iodine injections. THE TUNING PORK AS A TEST OP AUDITORY POWER. It is somewhat unsatisfactory seroquel cost australia to be told seroquel cost that a patient could hear the ticking of a watoh at a certain number of inches from the ear. At the recent meet- ing of the French Society of Otology, Laryngology, and Ehinology {Independance medicale. May 10th) M. Bounier proposed the cheap seroquel no prescription use of a tuning seroquel cost per pill fork of a hundred double vibrations to the second. The proposal seems to us well worthy of acceptance. MYBLOSYRINGOSIS AND RECURRENT LUXATION OF THE SHOULDER. It is well to bear in mind that in myelosyringosis, commonly called syringomyelia, habitual luxation of the shoulder is so common buy seroquel uk as to be of distinct diag- nostic value. buy seroquel online canada Dr. 11. Schradcr {Beitrage zur klinische

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