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May l-lfV..' t •• Ckiiltnt. Apr 2IV-May % 3 dmilha. Apr. order singulair S"i-2U 2!l oasea. 23 Apr. 2«-May 8 J " TeUoa Fever. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Apr. singulair price 1-7 35 cases, 22 montelukast tablets deaths. Puerto Principe, Cuba June 5 1 case reported: among United States troops. Cordaba, singulair mg Mexico May 29 Reported present. Vera Cruz, Mexico May 13-20 singulair cost 68 cases, 26 deaths. Placfut. Muscat, Arabia Apr. cheap singulair 12 2 cases. Alexandria, Egypt May 22 2 " Bombay, India. '. .\pr. 25 May 2 323 deaths. Calcutta, India Apr. 22-29.' 107 " Taichu,Formosa,Japan(pre- ] From outbreak to date 1,484 1,076 feeture Tainan. Formosa, Japan buy cheap singulair (pre- fecture) ( Taipeh, Formosa, Japan(pre- j feeture) J Tam.sui, Formosa, J apan ( pre- fecture) Apr. 12-26 289 " Change of Address. — Dr. Charles E. buy singulair Nammack, from June 1st to October 1st, to Edgemere Crest, montelukast sodium tablets Far Rockaway, Long Island, N. Y. Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medical Corps of the generic singulair United States Navy for the Two Weeks ending June 9, 1S99: Crawfoud, C. a., Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Peoria, when put out of commission, and or- dered to the Wabash. FiTTs, levocetirizine montelukast II. B., Surgeon. Detached from the naval hos- pital, Portsmouth, N. H., and ordered to the singulair tablets marine barracks, Sitka, Alaska. De V.vi.ix, purchase singulair C. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the naval hospital, Portsmouth, N. H. Decker, C. J., Surgeon. Promoted to surgeon from December 12, 1808. Marine-Hospital Service. — Official List of Changes of Sldtiviis ami Ditlies of Commissioned and Non-Com- mi.'ilal Steward and Chemist. T»» proo«>ed to New \ork for special temporarv order singulair online thity. Scott, K. H., Hospital Steward. To procved to Wil- mington, North Carolina, for special teinpornry duty. MtMiitAV, It. D., Surgeon. Ix-ave of abseneo grantetl by bun-au bpurchase singulair online New Orleans, I/oiiifii- ana, for montelukast tablet upecial lem|iornry duty. singulair online 860 buy singulair online OBITUARIES.— LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. [N. Y. Mei.. montelukast price Jour.,

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