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Carter, IT. \l.. Surgeon. To rejoin station at New Or- leans, Louisiana. CuMMiNO, H. S., Assistant Surgeon. Leave of absence for twpntv-seven davs granted by bureau letter of May 18, ISnU, revoke"d from June 1, 1899. Von Ezdouf, If. YL, Assistant Surgeon. To rejoin sta- tion at New Orleans, Louisiana. Fricks, L. D., Assistant Surgeon. Upon being relieved from temporary duty at Savannah, Georgia, to re- port to commanding officer. South Atlantic Quaran- tine Station, for duty and assignment to quarters. Hunter, S. B., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for three days from June 7, 1899. Wasdin, Eugene, Surgeon. To proceed to Washington, D. C, to Slimfast Cheap render report as member of a commission detailed by the President for the scientific investi- gation of the cause of yellow fever. Geddings, H. D., Passed Assistant Surgeon. To pro- ceed to Washington, Slimfast Price D. C, to render report Slimfast Canada as mem- ber of a commission detailed by the President for Slimfast Snack Bars the scientific investigation of the cause of yellow fever. Corput, G. M., Assistant Surgeon. To proceed to Ma- con, Geoi-gia, for special temporary duty. Gatin, Henry, Hospital Steward and Chemist. To proceed to New York for special temporary duty. Newbekn, Walter, Hospital Steward. To proceed to the Tortugas Quarantine Station and report to medical officer in temporary charge, for duty and assignment to quarters. Appointments. Moore, Dunlop, of Pennsylvania, and Stansfield, Halstead a., of California, commissioned as assist- ant surgeons. Ballard, James C, of Mississippi, to be acting assist- ant surgeon. United States Marine-Hospital Serv- ice, for duty at Natchez, Mississippi. Slaughter, A. W., of Wisconsin, to be Acting Assistant Surgeon, United States Marine-Hospital Service, for duty at Green Bay, Wisconsin. Promotions. McIxtosti, W. p., Passed Assistant Surgeon, commis- sioned as surgeon. ThOxMas, P., Assistant Surgeon, commissioned as passed assistant surgeon. WiCKEs, H. W., Assistant Surgeon, commissioned as passed assistant surgeon. CuMMiNO, H. S., Assistant Surgeon, commissioned as passed assistant surgeon. Ci^bituiirics. LAWSON TAIT, F. U. C. S. The death Purchase Slimfast is announced from England of Mr. Slimfast Cost Law- son Tait, F. K. C. S. Mr. Tail had a world-wide repu- tation as an aljdominal surgeon of plienoincnal capacity, and was, in fact, a most prominent pioneer of abdomi- nal surgery. ]le was one of the earliest to discard all c]ump.s and instrumental methods of dealing with the ovarian pedicle, and by a(lo|)ting the method of ligating it and retMriiiiig it to the abdominal cavity qiiiclvly I'uduced the average mortality of ovarian o])erations below that attained by his colleagues in spite of his refusal to operate by Listerian methods. Mr. Tait may be said to have been Slimfast Shaker really the pioneer of aseptic as distinguished Buy Slimfast Online from antiseptic surgery, his great motto being " Cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness." Mr. Tait was born in Edinburgh in 1845, and was therefore in his fifty-fifth year. His early introduction to gynaecological practice came through his association with Keith, of Edinburgh. He achieved a work which is not easily accomplished Order Slimfast in England — namely, that of creating a world-wide reputation as a provincial sur- geon, which attracted to the provincial city of Birming- ham probably a larger clientele than was attracted by any metropolitan surgeon to London. He was a man of the most marked Slimfast Meals personality and strong individual characteristics, which caused him often to Slimfast 123 come to " loggerheads " with many of the chiefs of the profes- sion, and created much animosity against him. But if his opponents were bitter, his friends were equally devotedly attached to him, and throughout the world at the present day are many brilliant leaders of ab- dominal surgery who are proud to call him master. He took a very active part in local politics in the city with which he was identified up to the time of his death. The list of Mr. Tait's professional honors is extensive. He qualified as a licentiate of the Royal Slimfast Tablets College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 18GG, Slimfast 123 Plan and became in turn M. P. C. S. Enij., F. P. C. S. Edin., F. P. C. S. Eng., The Slimfast Diet Slimfast Australia M. D. (Hon.), New York, and M. D. (Hon.), Albany. He was a fellow of many English medical societies, a member of many American ones, and a foreign mem- ber of the Obstetrical Society of Berlin. For many years he was surgeon to the Birmingham and Midland Hospital for Women and professor of Buy Cheap Slimfast gynaecology Cheap Slimfast Products at Queen's Purchase Slimfast Online College, Birmingham. His contributions to surgical literature were varied, extensive, and of great value. His loss will leave a wide gap in the surgical world, and he will be deeply mourned by his many personal friends, of whom the United States contains a large number. ^ttttrs ia i^t ^bitor. Order Slimfast Online

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