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GELSEMIUM IN THE TUEATMENT OP INFLUENZA. GuA.ND Raimds, Mich., .Uai/ Su, 1899. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal: Sir: Concerning the use of gelsemium in grippe, it may be of interest to add my testimony. During the recent epidemic I used it in nearly every case to which buy stendra online I was called early, and so uniformly favorable were my results that I was almost generic stendra tempted to consider it a spe- buy stendra cific. In no case in which its use purchase stendra was begun where to buy avanafil/extendra early did pneumonic symptoms develop. In several cases of sud- den and severe onset, characterized by severe chill, cheap avanafil sud- denly high temperature, and the physical signs of the first stages of pneumonia, with tlie characteristic rusty sputum, all symptoms disappeared within thirty-si.x or forty-eight hours after treatment with gelsemium was institul(!(l. ] |)lace great confidence in it. Jfy method is to give (to adults) one ami a half or two drops of the fluid extract every half lunir till the symptoms indicate that the full physiological elTcct is j)ro;lit of enforeinjj its collection,* or by his lawfully autiiori/.ed ai;enl.t Claim, to whom Presented. cheap stendra — The presentation, purchase stendra online to be In-yond 'pie'-tioii, must be maile to a legally iiualified aavanafil de 200 mg pri'seiitation to stendra tablets one rif llic'in is avanafil de 100 mg sufl'ieient.H Pretentation of Claim.— .The BufTiciency of the pres- ilntinn of a particular cloim is a question that cnn be • M.li.iwrll M J..nr«, HH AU„ S». • Mli>ll ■■•. IVrlKt... 7a Mr.. 84.1, t limn. I. lUnk i. II^IIpII. \'i Ala, rt?!. • liil..c.ii I. Mil. hrll, in Kin.. AlO. ( Ilr.n 1. order stendra Iliim.l.l. » Tr« . ■-'.I.t decided avanafil cost in the light of the statutes generic avanafil existing in that juris- diction, and the preparation of a claim for presentation should never be undertaken \vithout stendra online first consulting the statutes of the State in which it is to be filed. In some States the claim is not avanafil 50 mg required to be presented avanafil online in writ- ing, although this is probably the exc-eption. Xo harm

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