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can result from doing more than the law requires in mat- ters of this kind, and the claim should therefore alwaj'S be carefully prepared in writing, describing the general nature,* amount, and value of the services with as much particularity as possible. If a note or other instrument has been given, and the claim is filed upon such instru- ment, then a copy of it should be do you need prescription strattera attached to the claim. Claims for medical services should alwaj-s be verified by attidavit of the claimant or doctor, sworn to before some oflicer having authority to administer oaths. The affiant should in liis cheapest strattera athdavit of verification set up the facts that he is a physician and surgeon, and has been duly licensed or is duty qualified under the law of the particular State to practise medicine and cheap generic strattera surgery ; that the annexed account against the estate of decedent, amounting to the sum of dollars, is just, after allowing all just strattera prescription price credits, deductions, and set-offs, and is now due and unpaid. An aliidavit setting up these facts in proper form will comply with the law of nearly every State, buy strattera online cheap but before making an affidavit the local statutes should be examined and their require- ments carefully followed. After a claim has been duly presented the executor or administrator will in most States examine the same,, and, if he is satisfied that it is a just and projicr claim against the estate, either in full or in part, cheaper alternatives to strattera he will allow the same, can i buy strattera online either at its face or pro cheapest strattera online tanto, aceordinglv as he is convinced of its merits. Should the claim be rejected, cither in full or in part, the claimant is required, within a short period of time, usually ranging from three months to one year, to bring an action against the executor or administrator to re- cover the claim or the part of the same which is dis- allowed; otherwise his rights order strattera online canada in the premises will be barred. Advisability of Prosecuting Claim.— At this point it becomes advisable to consider the condition of the de- cedent's estate and determine whether or not there are sufficient assets to pay the claim when strattera 25 mg street price proved, or whether the reward will be so small as not to justify the fight. Should the estate be solvent, it then is necessary to care- fully scr\itinize the claim and determine whether or not it is legally valid, and if valid, whether it can be provt^l. Solvency of Estate. — In considering the solvency of the estate it is necessary to examine the order of the payment of debts, for the estate may 1k> .solvent as to a certain class of debts and pay them in full, while those of a subsequent class would receive but a small percent- age of their face viilue, or perhaps nothing nt all. \t common strattera costs without insurance law the debts of the deceilent were paid in the following order: 1. The necessary funeral expenses. 2. The nccessnry expenses of adniinistrafion. .1. Dehl.* of record due to (he crown. 1. Debts of record due fo the oid)j(«cts, which included judgmento, dwrtvs. stat- utes, and recogni/iii- • ! ' 'ts by speeiaitv f founded upon a Trtlunble n. ' G. Simple contract • Tlir i|p<.Ti|itl«n "f Iho n«liirp o( tlir (rrrj.p* mKlrrril«ilpKril, nil In rloUlr i)ip U«. ♦ Dr'.i. I>t .|MM-I«1lr •«• strattera cost 40 mg lh.w .rising nul of • cnntnri strattera 40 mg street price or olhrr Inilnmirnl iimlrr •ml. €62 SPECIAL ARTICLES. [N. Y. Med. Jour., •debts * based upon valuable consideration. 7. Volun- tary bonds or covenants. 8. Other voluntary debts. Under this scheme the physician's bill would rank in ithe sixth class, unless he had been so fortunate as to secure a bond in liquidation of it, when it would be ad- vanced to the fifth class, or had reduced it to judgment •during decedent's lifetime, in which case he would enjoy the advantage of belonging to the fourth class. In pay- ing these debts, if the estate is solvent, all cheapest place buy strattera the creditors are paid in full ; but if there is a deficiency in the estate, all the creditors of each class are paid in full in the order of their class until the estate is exhausted, cheaper alternative strattera those coming in the subsequent class or classes getting noth- ing, or perhaps only a pro rata share of their indebted- ness. To illustrate, under the above scheme, an estate having only enough money to pay the first five classes of creditors would pay them in full. Should there, how- ever, strattera price australia be a sum left after paying the first five classes, but not equal to the total sum of the debts owing under the ■eixth class, this amount would then be divided among the get strattera cheaper sixth class of creditors in proportion to cheapest price strattera the amount of i:heir claims. The common law order of creditors has been altered in every State, the preference much does strattera cost canada of debts growing out of specialty contracts over those arising from simple con- d:racts being nearly always withdrawn ; in some States, however, judgments obtained in the lifetime of deceased .are given the preference. The most common order now existing in the United States is the following: 1. Funeral expenses. 2. Ex- penses of administration. 3. Expenses of last illness. 4. Judgments (abolished in a number of States). 5. Public debts. This order in many States ranks after the funeral expenses and expenses of administration. '6. Simple contract liabilities. Probably the most striking change, as shown by com- parison of the order existing at common law and the one above given, is the addition of the class " expenses of last illness." This class is quite generally recog- nized in the United States, but it is not universally ac- cepted. What is Included in Expenses of Last Illness. — Gen- -erally speaking, this includes the necessary medical at-

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