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tendance and nurse hire incurred during the last sick- ness. ^\^^at the term " last illness " means is a question ■that is not entirely free from doubt. We have an early case from the supreme court of Louisiana in which, by reason of the peculiar statute stromectol for scabies defining the term " last sickness," a hardship is worked upon the physician. In that case the patient was afflicted with a fatal disease, of which the physician would have been unable to cure him, but the immediate cause of the patient's death was a pistol wound. The physician would have been en- iitled to a privileged claim for attending the patient during that which, in fact, was his last sickness; but ■the code specified that "the last sickness is considered -to be that of which the debtor died," f thus defeating the claimant's preference. An early case comes to us from South Carolina in which a preference was asked for nursing during the de- cedent's " last sickness." The y)eriod of such services ex- tended through the last year of tlie decedent's life, dur- ing which time he was lingering under the disease which ■finally terminated his generic stromectol existence. The refined and hu- mane ficntiment expressed by the court of ivermectin stromectol appeals in giv- ing their interpretation of this act demands n quotation • Pimple contraelK invlmlc nil imt under hciiI, whether ornl or written. \ SuccciiHlon of Wliittnker, 7 Koh, (l,ii.), HI, of the opinion : " The issue made up presented the ques- tion, and the jury have decided that the services were rendered during the last sickness. . " The court can lay down no rule or order stromectol online limitation for the duration of the last stromectol 3 mg sickness of a man, nor for the degree of attention to be paid him. A wounded man may linger a long time in a helpless state, and chronic diseases and some cancers run through more time stromectol canada than a year. The act concurs with the principles of Christian civilization, and is remedial of a common want and ne- cessity — attention and services during last sickness. We must therefore construe it liberally, and let it inure to its proper end, the full relief of the sick and the in- firm. The court and the jury were the proper judges in the particular instance; and they appear to have as- sessed the amount of the plaintiff's account with justice and discretion." * In the matter of Eeese's estate the evidence showed that Mr. Eeese received an injury from a fall ; he was attended by the claimant for some time, and so far buy stromectol online re- covered as to be able to attend to his ordinary business, and the claimant's services were dispensed with. After- ward he had a relapse and called in another physician. Soon after that he died, probably from the effect of the fall, from which he never entirely recovered. buy cheap ivermectin The ques- tion arose whether claimant's bill was entitled to prece- dence as " medical attention giving during the last ill- ness." The court thought that the clause refers to proximate and not remote causes of death, and that the attendance must be during the last sickness, but could not be rendered at intermittent periods. In the case of Huse vs. Brown, exr., the services were rendered buy cheap stromectol by the claimant between January 19th and June 28th. The decedent was suffering from a cancer in his nose, from which he died in December following. The trial court instructed the jury that if they should decide the testator died of the cancer under which he was laboring when the plaintiff at- tended upon him, and that it was a continuing com- plaint or disorder until his death, they might con- stromectol online sider it his last sickness. The supreme coiirt, in stromectol buy referring to this instruction, said : " And why not, whether any such instruction had been given to them or not? It would seem to a plain understanding to be an indisputable fact that the sickness which is terminated by the death of a patient is his last sickness. . . . Sickness assumes so many forms, and death approaches in so many different ways, that we know not how to lay down any legal principle in such cases that can be applied by way of construction of the words ' last sickness.' What is to be considered a man's last sickness seems to be a question properly determin- able by the jury upon order stromectol the facts in each case, scabies stromectol and stromectol price wliich cheap stromectol can seldom, if ever, be the same in two instances. There may proliably be in a multitude of cases a strong re- semblance. On a trial for homicide it is always a ques- tion for the jury whether ilie deceased died stromectol uk a natnrnl death or buy ivermectin in consequence of the act of llic person ac- cused. So it may be a question whether the sickness of which a person dies is the satne under which he la- bored when confined and receiving medical aid one or two months before. In the case before us, the qneslions as to the ca\ise of the festatoi''s death and the contin- uance of his sickness have been settled liy tlie jury whose business it was to settle it." f III addition to the above opinion no comment is ne- * IVreiviil iidinr. luls. MeViiy. Dudley (S. C), .S.'tT. ■f lIuHC iM. Ilrown, exr., H Me., K17. Jnne 17, 1899.] SPECIAL ARTICLES. 863 cessary. Should the estate be insolvent, and the serv- ices of such a character as to be urged as a preferred claim, or should the estate be solvent, then the next question to be considered is the validity of the rejected claim. Validity of Claim against Estate. — stromectol purchase Generally speak- ing, the same questions may arise to defeat the collec- tion of a claim against the estate of a deceased person as those which are invoked by a living defendant for the same purpose, and which have been considered in the preceding chapters. For instance, it has been ob>erved that the husband is liable for the medical treatment of his wife; for stromectol for lice that reason a claim for services rendered to a doc-eased wife should be presented to the husbaii.l for payment, and not filed against her estate unless the

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