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I. J , 4IM1. ♦ synthroid mcg UiM i« U.w, rt Ilun. Ins, pariii e> .Smman, n« linn. (\7J synthroid buy online 864 PITH OF OURRENT LITERATURE. [N. Y. Med. Jodr., against the estate of the decedent is such as to render her with her husband an interested party, and there- fore an incompetent witness, or whether she shall be considered as having no interest, and accordingly per- mitted to testify. The purchase synthroid reasons given by the courts at common law for denying to the wife the" privilege of testifying in a suit to which the husband was a party were, first, that it was against public policy, such an act buy cheap synthroid being thought a men- ace to the harmony of the domestic circle and a viola- tion of the confidence subsisting between husband and wife; second, because of the identity of their legal rights and interests. If where to buy synthroid this second reason is considered ap- plicable to-day, there can be no alternative synthroid online but to deny the wife the privilege of giving evidence in behalf of her husband's claim; but as the marked tendency of legisla- tion during the past half century has been toward es- tablishing a purchase synthroid online severalty of legal rights and interest, it is not surprising that some of our courts should consider the buy synthroid second reason so greatly weakened as to regard the wife no party to such a suit, and not legally interested in the result, and therefore accept hfer evidence in sup- port of the claim. This is a question, however, upon which the courts are unfortunately divided, and in those States where a decision has not been rendered by synthroid cheap the court of last resort the question must be considered generic synthroid as still open. • In cases of synthroid price this sort the testimony of the wife has been held competent in the synthroid mg following States: Mary- land,* Mississippi,! New Hampshire,! and New York." It is probable that the rule would be held the same in Nebraska. | ] On the other hand, such testimony has been held incompetent, and rejected by the courts of last resort in the following States: Illinois,* Indiana,* Iowa,l Maine,! Pennsylvania,* and West Virginia.** The claimant, upon producing satisfactory proof of the legality and justness of his claim, is entitled to a judgment for the amount he has shown to be due to him, which judgment the order synthroid online executor or administrator must pay in due time, either synthroid cost in full or in part, as the assets of the estate may justify. |)it^ of Currtnt f itcraturc. Cerebro-spinal Meningitis confounded with Eclamp- sia.— E. Mdllcr (IlnspitaUiidcnde, IMarch 22, 1809, p. 295; Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal, June) re- cord.s the case of a thirty-four-year-old woman in a I A tllC synthroid levothyroxine H HUl'll X X % Tiahan w. C'olburn, cxr., 63 Md., «9. KiiBhing !•». RuHhiiig, adinr., 52 Miss., 330. Clements vh. Miirnton, 52 N. II , 31. Whitman vh. Foley, 126 N. Y., e61j Porter Uuun, 131 N. Y. Wvlie !«. Clmrlton (Neb.). 62 N. W. Rep., 220. Ueloot M. LeHtradc, 183 111., 625. Soberer vh. Ingermun, 1 10 Iiid., 428. Tlii« case Himply deolarcH ife incompetent becuiiHe the xtatuie providcH that Hhe Bhall be in CUHeH, Muir VH. Miller, 82 lowo, 700. Code excludes Buch evidence. Herry vh. .Stevens, fill Me , 290. Sutherland vh. Robs, MO Pa., 379. • Kilgore vh. Ilanlcy, 27 W. Va., 451. state of profound coma, who was admitted to Professor Horwitz's clinic in the order synthroid eighth month of her second preg- nancy. synthroid tablets cost of synthroid Two days previously she had felt out of sorts and next day had a few shiverings. On the morning of admission she was found unconscious on the floor and had price of synthroid several convulsions. On admission she was not in labor ; there was no oedema ; lungs and heart were nor- mal ; the pulse was 100, tense and forcible, and the tem- perature 99.3° F. She got morphine for restlessness, and slept quietly. In the morning she had a typ- ical convulsion. Catheterization gave eight hundred

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