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grammes of urine showing the albumin reaction moder- ately and containing a few granular casts. Tempera- ture in morning 101° P., rose suddenly to 104° P., with tadacip erectalis 20 mg the pulse quick and tense; five hundred grammes of blood were drawn, but, as the condition was unsatisfac- tory, she was delivered by Cesarean section (fundal in- cision) and afterward received an injection of five hun- dred grammes of saline solution. The pulse, however, grew weaker and she died. On autopsy the heart was found to be natural, the lungs congested and oedema- tous. The kidneys showed parenchymatous and fatty degeneration ; the spleen was not large. The brain had gelatinous yellow pus along the vessels buy cheap tadacip in the sulci, tadacip erectalis 20 mg tabletten and the vessels were congested. There was no fluid in the ventricles. A bean-shaped diplococcus was found and cultivated from the pus. A possibility of meningitis had been glanced at, owing to the existence of an epi- demic at the time. The Significance of Oxaluria. cialis generika tadacip — Dr. Robert F. Wil- liams (Mail/land Medical Journal, May 20th), from a lengthy consideration of the subject, draws the follow- ing conclusions: 1. Whereas the appearance of oxalates in the urine — excluding their ingestion in foods — is due to tadacip price in india a de- rangement of digestion or metabolism, this derange- ment probably has its cause in many tadalafil tadacip 20 mg cases in functional nervous irregularity, which may or may not be so great as to produce general nervous symptoms, and if these are present they are not necessarily caused by the oxa- tadacip 20 price india lates. 2. The condition causing the appearance of oxalates in the urine nuiy produce symptoms closely simulating the constitutional symjitoms of Bright's disease. 3. Tiio excretion of oxalates by the kidney for tadacip by cipla a short while may occasion no local disturbance of that organ, but if continued iriay, by irritation, cause the ap- pearance of albumin and casts with lessened urine, corresponding to the urinary symptoms of Bright's dis- ease, and if unchecked may lead to permanent destruc- tion of tadacip 5mg online kidney tissue and true Brigiit's tadacip online kaufen disease. 4. In all suspicious cases, in which the tadacip 5 mg nephritic symptoms are accompanied by the appearance of oxa- lates in quantity, diagnosis should be held in abeyance and the oxaluria overcome by appropriate remedies to exclude this a? a possible cause of tin; syni])tonis before making a positive diagnosis and pronouncing a neces- sarily hope-dispelling ])rognosis. Poisonous Properties tadacip (generic cialis) of Orthoform. — The Indian MrdintI Itri-urd for Mny 3(1 says Hint it jiublished tadacip pille 20mg cialis generika in its i.«nc for .\])ril ]2lh an article by Dr. W. Asani showing (hat orthoform was capable under certain circumstances of giving rise to symptoms of general poisoning. Similar efTccl.s have been observed in the clinics of .\IIh itin, Pollosson, and Iloliet, of the Lyons Hospital. Ill (lie case of a woman under the care of M. Al- Jnne 17. 1899.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE.— BOOK NOTICES. 865 bertin, where an external wound existed after abdomi- nal livsterectomy, orthoform was by a mistake used in- stead of xeroform. The patient was soon afterward attacked with headache, fever, nausea, and vomiting, while on the face and other parts of the body patches tadacip 20 mg uk of er\tliema of a dusky red color appeared. The wound was carefully washed, and all the bad symptoms disap- peared in three days. Similar symptoms were noticed in a patient operated on by M. Pollosson for a cancroid of the nose, and in two eases of bums dressed with ortho- form (Rollet). From this, the Record says, it appears that, when applied to extensive surfaces, orthoform becomes dis- solved in the alkaline products of secretion, and may produce poisonous effects which, thouo;h not danger- ous, are unpleasant. Consequently orthoform should be employed in small quantities only, and with caution. New Operation for Inversion of the Uterus. — Wes- teriiuirk {Criilnillihilt fiir (li/inik-oliKjir. ]>;•;», Xo. 4; American Journal of the Medical Sciences, buy tadacip canada June) opened the posterior fornix, inserted one linger into the ring from above, and, while steadying the uterus cialis generico tadacip in this way, incised the tadacip 20mg generic cialis posterior wall. By compressing the anterior wall with the thumb while the edges of the wound were pressed forward, the inversion was easily re- duced. The uterus was then brought through the vagi- nal opening, and the wound sutured with catgut, after which the organ was re|)laced within the peritoneal cavity and the wound in ihe posterior cavity and the posterior fornix sutured. The patient made a good recovery. A Cause of Crying in the Newly Bom. — Dr. Thomas S. Southworth (Argenerika-apotheke tadacip child was orilcred boiled water sweetened with cane sugar every two hours. The nutlmr says: It is extremely prob- able that iiiuoh of the .supposed pain of colic in the new- born for which tliey have, from time immemorial, been dosed with fennel and other aromatic teas, is duo to these sources of irritation in the kidney, ureters, blad- der, or urethra. Hoileii water, which should be given to every infant at regular intervals, for more reasons than one, penvent or alleviate the discomfort. The rather uniisinil opportiinily afrorde<] the writer of observing matters in tliis case, together with the subse- quent coursir of events, point clearly to the urine as the cause of the crying, whereas, had no such observation been made, hunger and inanition might readilv have

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