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l)e»!n considered a sullicient explanation of the sviiqi- tomn. The Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculoiis by Sub- cutaneous Injections of CamphorRted Oil. Dr Itnino Aleviimler ( '('i;///'' hihilDmadairr dr mrdrrinr rl dr rhirunjir: l{rriir mrdtralr. May 21th) says that cam- fihor inthicnces all the symptoms of |)ulnioiuiry tubercii- osis and is thus one of the Itest agents in its Purchase Tadalafil Online hvgieiiic tnalmenl, inducing in alsjut eight days Purchase Tadalafil the quieting of nervous troiibJeM, headache, and insomnia. If contin- ued longiT, the cofigenfive Buy Tadalafil Online symptoms of the lungs disan- pear. In patiint^ with fever Dr. .\le\ander injects daily xuh 11, Ir fi'niii lifieen Order Tadalafil to iliirlv onelMindredtliHof a grain of cjiiniilKir, or on,' or two j'ravn/ synngefuU of Tadalis Online cam- phorated oil, continuing the treatment for from four to six weeks without interruption, at the end of which time he ceases for from one to four weeks, resuming treatment later. When the fever has disappeared he raises the dose to from forty-five to seventy-five hun- Tadalis Sx dredths of a grain during one or two weeks without in- terruption. This treatment is said to be always well supported, and even hfcmoptysis is not a contraindica- ton. The author compares the value of camphor in lung diseases to that of digitalis in heart affections. Central Pneumonia discovered by the Eadioscope. — G. Variot and (.;. Chiootot {Journal de cUniquc ef de therapie infaniiles. vol. vii, p. 1.51. !March 9th; British Medical Journal, May 13th) describe the case of a girl, aged nine years Cheap Tadalafil and sLx months, who had been ill for five days, who had slight Cheap Tadalis pain at the base of the thorax, loss of appetite, cough, furred tongue, and some diar- rha?a. There was an evening temperature of 103.2" F. Percussion and auscultation practised with great care gave negative results on both sides of the chest. The presence of labial herpes, however, and the temperature, suggested central pneumonia, especially as the respira- tion was not specially quickened. The next day Tadalis 20 Mg the temperature fell to 100.4° F., and the next day to 98.6° F. Then the use of the Chabot-Villar tube was called in to aid the diagnosis by radioscopy. It was seen quite clearly that in the middle of Buy Tadalafil the right lung was a zone of opacity a!)out the size of a five-franc piece. This was doubtless a pneumonic patch in process of regression. Treatment of Keloid by Injections of Creosote in Oil, — Balzer and ilonsscaux (Annalts dc dermatohujie et de syphiligraphie, 1898. Xo. 12; American Journal of the Medical Sciences, June) report a case of keloid of the lobule of the ear, following the removal of a small tumor, successfully treated by injections of a twenty-per-cent. solution of creosote in olive oil. At each sranrr about one cubic centimetre was injected into dif- ferent parts of the keloidal tumors, of which there were two. These injections were followed by very little pain, but a few days after the first one a portion of the ke- loidal tissue sloughed out. leaving a deep ulcer, which soon cicatrized. At the time of making the report the smaller of the two tumors had entirely disappeared and the larger was ct>nsidcrably reduced in size. ^tiooli ilotircs. Gout: Us t'alhnloijy and Trratment. Founded on the- (ioulstonian Lectures on The Chemistry and rathol- ogy of (iout. delivered by the .\uthor iK'foro the Royal College of Physioians of Ijondon in 1897 ; with the Addition of Some Hecent Investigations con- cerning the Treatment of (lout, and a Detailed Ac- count of Tadalis 20 the Treatment of the \';irioiis Forms of flout. By .\uTin» r, LfFK, M. D. 1/ond., B. Sc, F. H. C. I'., Physician in Charge Buy Cheap Tadalis of Out-patients and liOclurer on Forensic Medicine at St. Mary's Hospital. Order Tadalis New Tadalis Tablets York: William Wood & Co., 1899. Pp. viii-*' IS. With the introductory portion of this work it is probable that many of our renders art' familiar, for it \» practically a reproduction of flie floulstoninn Ia'o- 866 BOOK NOTICES. IN. Y. Med. Jorn., tures for 1897 on The Chemistry and Pathology of Gout. The opinion they have formed Tadalafil Mg of them must necessarily have been favorable, we think, and the pages that have been added to make the work complete and as it no%v appears in book form are not likely to cause them disappointment. In the second part of the book we are given an ex- cellent presentation of the causation, the forms, the di- agnosis, and the prognosis of gouty disorders. It is not unconventional. Part III, however, is imusual, and, since it represents the result of investigations conducted by Buy Tadalis Online a competent observer, it is valuable in no ordinary degree, however surprising it may be in many respects. The pages describe " a series of investigations under- taken with the objects of ascertaining the various con- ditions affecting the formation and removal of gouty deposits, the influence of alcoholic drinks on the gouty process, the solvent effect of the mineral constituents of various vegetables on gouty deposits, and the value of certain drugs in effecting the removal of such de- posits." The author's conclusions in connection with these matters are of sufficient importance Generic Tadalis to be quoted at length. " 1. The Buy Tadalis alkalinity of the blood is Tadalis Uk apparently not appreciably diminished during a gouty attack. " 2. The solubility of uric acid in the blood is not affected by a diminished alkalinity of the blood pro-

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