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867 desr-rijition of the comparative anatomy and embryology of the nervous system, it is marked throughout by philo- sophical suggestions and deductions which will be appre- ciated by all inquirers. The translators have done tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg their work well. The te.xt reads easily, with remarkably few places where the meaning is not instantly plain. Esays for Students. By Stephen Paget, F. R. C. S., Surgeon to the West London Hospital, etc. Xew York: William Wood tetracycline mail order & Co., 1899. Pp. 7 to 177. " These essays were online tetracycline written for students," .says the preface, and indeed they are excellent, lacking as they do that air of finished perfection and the odor of the lamp which hangs about so mam' so-called clinical lec- tures; lectures manj" of which have probably never been delivered. They include four different groups of diseases — namely, strangulated hernia, cancer of the breast, one entitled " Some Run-over Cases,'' and, lastly, a set of lectures on the practical elements of aural sur- gery. Specially interesting is the study of the " run- over cases," many of which developed for tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne some unknown reason an excessive and voracious appetite or thirst not in any way dependent on post-traumatic diabetes, but apparently connected in some manner with the injury to the brain which these patients received. The same condition is sometimes seen in cases with brain where can i buy tetracycline tumors buying tetracycline online Leu Glycosttrie.i where to buy tetracycline non diabetiqiies. Par Germain Roque, Professeur agrege ii la Faculte de mcdecine, etc. Paris: J.-B. Bailliere et fils, 1899. Pp. 5 to 92. Under the leadership of the famous Claude Ber- nard, the French school of medicine has always occu- pied a leading place among the investigators of the causes and results of the presence of sugar in the urine. P'specially has this been true of buy tetracycline 500mg recent years and on the limited subject of non-diabetic glycosuria. Among those who have devoted their energies to the solution of this problem the author of this small volume is not the least, and he ha.s here given a most excellent and critical review of the whole nujtter, to which have been adfled the special points observed by himself. The divi- buy tetracycline sioiiK (if the siiliject are four: (Jouty, digestive, tetracycline mgd nervous, and puerpernl glyco.^-uria, with a chapter on treatment. Under the division of digestive or alimentary gly- cosuria, the habit which some authors have adopted of regarding the easy ]irod\iclion of this form of gly- cosuria (!•' nil acciiratf iri(ifx of the glycolytic function of the liver is HJiarply and justly critiei.-icd, ami the rcBiilts are shown to he de|ii'ndent far more on the gly- colytic |mWfrs of the geiK-ral Ixidy tissues than on aiiv special organ, Buch ns the liver. The treatment of the variouH forms is well preHcnted and the volume should prove a tetracycline 250 mg acne useful one. I>ii< nrucrr. flrsrliirhlr dfir Mrdirin. Kurz dargestcllt von (). v. Hoi;i'i;nhtkrn, in llreinen. I^'ip/ig: ('. (i. Xaiimann. 18119. I'li. vii-398. [Medinuisrhe lii- hliolliek- fiir pruktitrlif Aerzie, Nr. 11'.' I IT.| Tills liook IH 500 mg tetracycline acne a most exeellont exiiosilion of liin- grnpliiea! factH Rulient in the hJHlury of inedicine; Iml, ut the same time, it in more than ii merr the livcM of nii'ii wImwc iinines Iuim- Iid It rerri« puMHible. It in philoKopii- ical. The accomplishment of this difficult task in so 500 mg tetracycline rosacea small a volume is no little achievement, and the book bears throughout the marks of extreme research. It can be warmly recommended as a satisfactorv, trust- worthy, and yet brief treatise upon a subject with which we should do well to make ourselves more familiar. Veroffentlirhungen aiis dem Gebiete des Militdr-Sani- tdtstveseits. Herausgegeben von der Medizinal-Ab- theilung des koniglich preussischen Kriegsministeri- ums. tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg Heft l.i. doxycycline tetracycline Kriegschirurgen und Feldiirzte des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. Von Professor Dr. Al- bert Koi:hi,er, Oberstabsarzt I. CI. Mit 13 Por- traits, 5 Abbildungen, und 2 Planen. Berlin: Au- gust Hirsehwald, cheap tetracycline 1899. Pp. x-269. This volume of the publications of the medical di- vision of the Prussian war department is a portion of a series devoted to the history of military surgery and the military surgeons of Prussia and the other German states, and the present volume tetracycline 250mg tablets contains the lives of the military surgeons of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It was a time of great military activity, as it includes the Seven and the Thirty Years' wars, and the crude military surgery of that time made consider- able strides, though the means employed in the treat- ment of wounds seem curious enough now. The work is embellished with a number of portraits and pictures from old books of the time. .{nnuaire des eaux minerahs,, stations climatujttes et !
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