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lin: S. Karger. 1899. Pp. 139. The authors have reviewed the lilcrnlurt' and the eases so far published of multiple fat necrosis, and hove also carried out a number of experiments on dogs in Chlorpromazine Thorazine which injury was done to the pancreas, and fat necrosis thus produced. Their results do not entirely settle this dilliciilt and little-understood branch of |>atho- logical anatomy. Thoy are ns follows: Multiple fat necroses otvur more often in nion than women, and in stout and alcoholic individuiiU t>-|>ecially. Order Thorazine They are caused by the action of a fat Generic Thorazine -split ling ferment tthii'h is set frr-e win-- •' - , injured or liaMiior- riinge takes place r In animals then* is n »luirp leuco- .■re»si>d in coagiilH- hililv, and there is a |i-ndeney Thorazine Online to llie formation of im>mo- iflobin crystnl.s. The aploen i« -"mnll; there i generally "Illy a moderate ri~' Therein no evidence of iiii\ '•■■ Tho dingiio.-i- '■■ I'll- " Thorazine 25 Mg loniH Purchase Thorazine pi'; 'if the lenion ; I . stinnl BOOK NOTICES. Thorazine 100 Mg [N. Y. Med. Joue., obstruction. The only treatment which has been fol- lowed by Purchase Thorazine Online any results is exploratory laparotomy. Its method of action is, however, unJvnown. Footnotes to Evolution. A Series of PojDular Addresses on the Evolution of Life. By David Starr Jordan, Ph. D., President of Leland Stanford Junior Uni- versity. With Supplementary Essays by Edwin Grant Conklin, Ph. D., Professor of Comparative Embryology in the University of Pennsylvania; Frank Mace McFarland, Ph. D., Associate Pro- fessor of Histology in Leland Stanford Junior Uni- versity; and James Perrin Smith, Ph. D., Pro- fessor of Palaeontology in Leland Stanford Junior University. New York : D. Appleton and Company, 1898. Pp. xviii-392. [Price, $L50.] There have been two voyages in the history of sci- ence which are especially memorable : the one by Colum- bus which practically demonstrated the earth's shape; the Thorazine 50 Mg other, a far less well known voyage, but one perhaps more far-reaching in Buy Thorazine Online its results and of more remark- able value to science, the voyage of the Beagle. The voyage of Columbus opened to the Old World new fields for exploration and for material development and the results to pure science have been very great; but the voyage of the little ship Beagle was the means of open- ing a way by which the methods of Nature could be made clear and their laws reduced to a form with simple terms. The man who first did this was Charles Darwin, and his inspiration was received during the voyage of the Beagle by observing the strange fact that the land birds of the Galapagos Islands off the coast of South America resemble exactly no other known species, though they mimic very closely in characteristics and habits the land birds of the continent some six hundred miles away. Evidently they have been carried out to these islands on drift timber or blown out by some storm. Why, then, are they different from their an- cestors? The answer to this question took Darwin many years of patient observation and quiet thought, but the result was commensurable to the effort, for prac- tically no fact which he recorded and used has been controverted. The answer was Evolution, an idea as old as the Greeks, whose sterile philosophy stopped with the mere dream of the possibility, and it was left to Darwin to wrest from Nature a few slight hints Buy Thorazine only of the secret of her laws. About this much-misused Thorazine 200 Mg Thorazine 10 Mg word has centred a war, chiefly of words. The scien- tific man is too busy verifying its application to natural life and endeavoring to obtain more accurate Buy Cheap Thorazine glimpses of the meaning of this process to spend much time in debate, but to Thorazine Bipolar the lay mind it has been a source of great Order Thorazine Online joy. This type produces marvelous Darwinian relig- ions destined to supplant all others, social evolutions whicli contain no evolution, so that the name has lost its original significance and is commonly supposed to be a force which carries us someliow upward away from our monkey ancestors. In contrast to this sort of thing a few minds have endeavored to stem the current and (o popularize the truth. Among these may be mentioned more especially Huxley, Tyndall, and Spencer in I'^rig- land, and many others in our own country. I<\)reiMost among the latter must be placed tliese essays of Jordan's, which in cleamess of form and reasoning leave little to be desin'd. All but three of the papers in the volume have been written by liim as condensatioriH from a series of University Extension lectures. They arc; social in their trend, showing the general applications of the principles of evolution to our modern Thorazine Uses life, as a few of the titles will show — The Evolution Thorazine Chlorpromazine of the Mind; He- reditary Inefficiency ; The Woman of Evolution and the Woman of Pessimism. Our author touches all these varied subjects with a light hand; they are clear and ' simple in their j^resentation, yet scientifically true — a rare combination. Yet they are not mere literature, on the other hand, Thorazine Iv but sound discussions of scientific prob- J lems. The essays contributed by the collaborators are I less successful only because their subjects are more purely technical. Les Regenerations d'organes. Par le Dr. Paul Caenot, Docteur es sciences, etc. Avec 16 figures dans le texte. Paris: J.-B. Bailliere et fils, 1899. Pp. 5 to 96. [Price, 1 fr. 50.] This is an excellent little reference monograph on the little-known but important subject of the regenera- tion of the tissues after injury or disease. The litera-

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