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ture of the subject is given in a very complete way. Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat, and their Acces- sory Cavities. By Seth Scott fasigyn tinidazole Bishop, M. D., D. C. L., LL. D., Professor of Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear in the Illinois Medical College, etc. Second Edition, thoroughly revised and tinidazole giardia enlarged. Illustrated with Ninety-four Colored Lithographs and Two tinidazole vs metronidazole Hundred and Sixteen Additional Illustra- tions. Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago: The F. A. Davis Company, 1898. Pp. xix-3 to 554. [Price, $1.] The fact that the author has been called upon to prepare a second edition within less than two years after the issue of the first shows that his book has filled a want among at least a portion of buy cheap tinidazole the readers of ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets this spi'ii.il lii'lil of medical literature. Dr. Bishop stated in his first I'dition that his work was designed not primarily for specialists, but for students, for general practition- ers who wished to acquire the ciprofloxacin and tinidazole proficiency necessary to properly treat those patients who were unable to visit j specialists, and for those who were gradually exchang- I ing their general work for special. ' This statement designates the point of view from which the book should be judged. Necessarily it can not be compared with more elaborate treatises, for it is not designed to cover the same ground. But for a working volume for frequent consultation, by the special classes for whom it is designed, it is thoroughly up to date, and contains the experience of one who has done order tinidazole online a vast amount of clinical work and has been able to deduce thereform logical conclusions which he has stated in a clear and comprehensive form. The second edition contains fully twenty-live per cent, more matter than the first. Entirely new chapters have been jirepared on two important topics — viz.. Re- lated Diseases of the Eye and Nose, and Life Insurance affected by Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat. Moreover, there have been added illustrated articles on Direct Laryngoscopy or Autoscopy, and on Pachydermia Laryngis. I liusiral ions linve been used norfloxacin and tinidazole with a lavish hand and the coloivd i)lates are of unusual nu-ril. We have reason to know that this work has nid with a large sale among the physicians of the Soulh and Wesl. Other works similar in scope and wrillen by Eastern nuMi are perhaps betler known and more tinidazole tablets 500mg widely read liy llii' profcssidu in (be I'^astcrn cities, but Dr. June 17. 1899.1 BOOK NOTICES.— MISCELLASY. S69 Bishop has prepared a treatise which any worker in these special fields can read with profit. We are sure that he will do so with interest also. Clinical Lectures delivered before the Students of the Imperial Moscow University. By G. A. Zacharin', M. ofloxacin tinidazole D., Late Professor (Emeritus) of Clinical Medi- cine and Director of the Therapeutical Faculty Clinic of the Imperial Moscow University, etc. Translated from the Fifth Russian Edition by Alexandkr KoviNSKY, M. D., Member of the Massachusetts Medical Society. Boston: tinidazole norfloxacin Damrell & Upham, 1899. Pp. xvi-487". These lectures, delivered to the students of the ^loscow University, ciprofloxacin tinidazole certainly afford an excellent exam- ple of what real clinical lectures should be. They not only present a case and bring out its salient points, but they go much further in giving to the student clear in- struction in the methods of obtaining a complete clin- ical picture, the value of observing the small details of tlie surroundings and daily life of the patient, and the method of sifting the whole mass of evidence obtained. .\n example tinidazole online of the application of this process is seen in the first series of lectures, twelve in number. These are all devoted to the study of a single case, not a very interesting one at first glance, with chronic gastritis, anajmia, and oxaluria, all of which can be more or less closely traced to the poor food, bad air, and hard work of the Russian peasant. Yet, while watching the grad- ual improvement of this one case for a period of three months, the author practically covers the whole subject of tinidazole tindamax the care and hygiene of cases of chronic intestinal trouble, of massage, of drugs, of the modern methods of chemical analysis as applied to gastric conditions, and of the generic tinidazole use and buy tinidazole abuse of mineral waters. Such a meth- otl of instruction involves a great expenditure of time, yet it is certainly better than tinidazole tablets the present idea of show- ing five or six cases in an hour, with great effect theat- rically, but with a result .■^adly muddling to the average student brain. We can contidently recommend these lectures lo every clinical teacher as extremely order tinidazole suggest- ive, even though they are not altogether in accord with the purchase tinidazole online current views of the [)rofession. '/'he l)isrii, in IS'.it). ii nt once took a liigh rank n» a text-lxMik of nervous di--

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