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Frederick A. Van Dyke, a courtly, cultured gentleman of the highest type of the old-time physician, was him- self a favored pupil of Benjamin Rush's, whose name he bestowed upon his son, for whom he selected the honorable Generic For Toprol Xl career which his famous teacher and himself so worthily graced. I would that every physician of this day should appreciate his indebtedness to this great man, who, had he lived among us, would have been no loss distinguished — this physician who, great Toprol Xl 100 Mg when he lived, is still the greatest physician this country has ever produced — this typical, manly doctor, whoso faults were those which belong to every man of his impetuous, earnest, far-seeing, and far-striving nature. To honor him with a monument is to honor our profession — and it must be a monument in keeping with the dignity of this greatest of human vocations — hence I felt you acted wisely at Philadelphia in determining a hundred thousand dollars as the proper sum to bo devoted to its erection. Tlie secretary of the navy has assigned an unequaled site for the structure on the beautiful park fronting the United States Naval Museum of Hygiene, especially appropriate in that Rush was a pioneer in sanitary Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker sci- ence, which men like the surgeon Gross and Toprol Xl Generic Name the physi- cian Flint, as they laid down their lives, declared to be the highest aim and crowning glory of the science of Tnedioinc. At the sluggish rate at which this fund has grown in my hands, it would be futile for me to see it reach the proportions I think, with you, it should attain, espe- cially as I shall have loft for an indefinite residence abroad when this report is presented. So, thanking you for your repented expressions of approval of tlie little 1 have done and of the much I have sought to do, and cordially wishing success to my Cost Of Toprol Xl successor in officfN I Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl hereby Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl resign Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall the trust with which you first Iionoivd me in 1884 and have repeatedly renewed the past fifteen years. Respectfully submitted, Albert L. Gihon, M. D., Chairmaii, Rush Monument Committee. A New Operation for Hernia. — Dr. Emory Toprol Generic Equivalent Lan- phear {Medical Generic Name For Toprol and Surgical Monitor, May 15th) de- scribes, in a paper read before the Academy of Medical and Surgical Sciences, a new operation devised by him to avoid the atrophy of the testicle which is noted to have occasionally followed Bassini's operation, and the tendency to recurrence which at times follows on the Czerny and Macewen methods. He says : '■' A large flap is turned back, exposing the hernial sac and the inguinal canal in their entirety. The sac is then carefully dissected out, opened, and the con- tents reduced. At this stage the opening into the abdo- men is closed with gauze and the spermatic cord and testicle lifted out of their natural position and envel- oped in iodoform gauze. From the hernial sac (pari- etal peritoneum) there is now made a pouch or arti- ficial tunica vaginalis testis, into which the testicle and Generic Name For Toprol Xl cord are passed and inclosed with catgut sutures in such a way that not too much pressure is possible upon the cord; the whole is then pushed into the abdominal cav- ity and anchored by a few catgut sutures. The cut in the peritoneum is next closed; next the opening into the scrotum sutured ; then each Is Toprol A Beta Blocker muscular Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent layer of the abdominal wall carefully sutured, completely obliterat- ing the canal — just as is done in operating for ingui- nal hernia in the female. " That the ultimate fate of the buried testicle may be atrophy, the author can not dispute, as no opportu- nity has yet presented for post-mortem examination; that it is possible he can not deny. From a surgical standpoint, the chief objection Toprol Xl Beta Blocker to this operation is that a suppurative orchitis, or epididymitis might necessi- tate abdominal section ; but suppurative inflammation of these structures is so comparatively rare that this danger, he thinks, can scarcely outweigh the advan- tages to be gained. So far, only the most gratifying results have been noted in the three cases thus oper- ated on." Acute Diffuse Gonococcous Peritonitis. — Dr. Harvey W. Cushing (Bulletin of the Julius Hopkins Hospital, May) thus concludes a very interesting paper contain- ing the records of two cases operated upon: 1. The gonococcus is capable of causing a specific infectious disease — namely, gonorrhn>a — and at the same time other and less specific ])atbological conditions. 2. There is experimental proof that in certain small animals the gonococcus can set up acute alterations in the Toprol Xl Generic Recall perito- na?um homologous with the acute septic serositides in man, Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate but dill'ering from these in their tendency to rapid and spontaneous healing. 3. Hitherto there has been wanting conclusive proof that in the poritonitides at- tendant upon gmiorrhooa occurring in women, the gonococcus was solely or chiefly concerned. The inflam- mations had been variously regarded as mixed infec- tions and chemical inflammations. 4. The cases re- ported in this paper bi-iug for ihe first time convincing evidence of the Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol exislence of a diffuse, general inflamma- iiou of the abdominal cavity caused by the gonococcus. 5. It has been Toprol Xl Coupon recognized that extension of the gonor- rhical infection from the genital organs to the Toprol Xl Vs Generic pcrito- na:^um may occur in the puerperal state; a similar senile! is shown to be possilile dtirinLT mcnsfrnation. 6. June 17. 1899.] MISCELLAITF. 871 Such ascending forms of gonorrhoea doubtless under ordinary circumstances remain localized in the pelvis, and rarely demand surgical investigation in the acute stage. 7. A general involvement of the peritonaeum, such as occurred in the two eases given, must either be

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