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rare or unrecognized, and may depend upon some espe- cially receptive condition of the serosa or virulence of the organism. 8. The peritontcum generic trazodone 50 mg is not more immune than are the pericardium or endocardium to gonococ- cal infection, and, being more exposed, suffers more com- monly in females, although the relatively benign course of the disease makes it a rare condition to come to the attention of the surgeon in the acute stages. Stypticin in the Treatment of Uterine Haemorrhage and Dysmenorrhcea. — At a recent meeting of the cheap trazodone Munich Sueiety of ( iyna'cologj- and Obstetrics (Centralblatt fur generic trazodone hcl Gynaicoloyie, April 22d) Dr. Nassauer reported his con- tinued experience with stypticin. It does not act upon the muscular structure of the uterus, like ergotine, he says, but upon the vasomotor buy trazodone online uk nerves of the genital tract. It is useful in buy trazodone hydrochloride all uterine haemorrhages not accompanied by cheap trazodone no prescription some gross lesion of the uterine mucous membrane, but it is of no use in fungous endometritis until how much do trazodone cost curet- ting has been employed, or in hemorrhage after labor or abortion until all remnants of the ovum have been removed. In bleeding due to myoma it trazodone discount coupon is effective only when the mucous membrane is intact, although it strik- ingly mitigates the pains of the menstrual periods or does buy trazodone 50 mg away with them altogether. It is efficient against hsemorrhages caused by tumors of buy trazodone the anne.xa or by in- flammation or congestion and against those of generic trazodone cost chlorosis and phthisis, as wi'll as those of the climacteric. To secure its immediate action, three grains should be in- jected deep into the gluteal muscles; internally, of Merck's tablets should be given every two hours, but not more than eight buy trazodone generic in twenty-four hours. In painful and profuse menstruation, it allays the pain while it moderates tiie flnw. A Mysterious Epidemic. — According to the Medical and Surijiral liciinw of /icfivws for May, a mysteriou.s epidemic is reported to have broken out in the Hun- garinn village of .lasijratbii.sk, where the whole of tlie population are .sulTeriiig from a peculiar disease. Out of live hunilred how much does trazodone cost inliiibitants it is said that three hundred have alrearly died. Tlir attacks are accompanied l)y pro- fuse lia'iiiorrliiiges nnd viob-nt iiuinia. The origin of the (lisenHC has not yt been dettTiiiincd. Medical men Bent from H\idain'i-t state that the di.Honsc is of a type hitherto \inknown. A committee of meilical experts has been Kent from \'ii'tina to iiuike inventigationa. American Gift to generic trazodone online an English University. — From tin- Itritiili M'-ilintI JiiiiriKil for .May 2"Mli we learn that loHi* tlinn a year ago, at a meeting hob! in Birmingham, tlio dcheine for a n"W inidlund university, to Im- called the University of Kirmingbam, wiih stnrteii. Mr. Cham- Iwrlnin. in h'\^ »p4'rili ili'livcn-d on that occasion, saiil tin- iiroinoliT" niinr'd at £' unattainable. Mut in le.uH than twelve inoiilliH till- Hum buy trazodone online no prescription luiM bei'ii nearly nil proinixod, and the ronimilli-r now only reipiire alMitil fio.ooo to make the I'Milownicnl fund a (]Uiirler of a million. Sonw fi'w wi'i'k" iifo iin unonvmouH donor nnule I lie gcneroux offrr of i_'i niKi iliiM. It'll Mr, C'iinnilierlnin on the eondition that the rest of the £2.50,000 was subscribed. This same donor, who stUl desires to remain anon}Taou5, has dur- ing last week increased his ofler to £37,000, made under the same conditions. At the same time Mr. Chamber- lain announced the receipt of a letter from Mr. Andrew Carnegie, the American millionaire, in which he offered to give no less a sum than £-50,000 toward the same ob- ject and under the same conditions. In his letter to Mr. Chamberlain ilr. Carnegie says : '"' If I were in your place I should recognize the futility of tr}-ing to rival O.xford and Cambridge, which, even if possible, would be useless. trazodone cost without insurance These twin seats of learning have their mission and fulfill it; but Birmingham should make the scientific the principal department, the classical subsidiary. If Birmingham were to adopt the policy suggested, taking our Cornell University as its model . . . and give degrees in science as in classics, I should be delighted to contribute the last £50,000 of the sum you have set out to raise to establish a scientific depart- ment. . . . Let this gift, therefore, be considered as only a slight acknowledgment of a debt which Pitts- burgh, the greatest beneficiary of your steel inventions, can never hope to repay."' Public Bacteriological Laboratories for France. — From the Medical and Surgical lievieiv of Reviews for May we learn that M. Emile Dubois has submitted to the Chamber of Deputies a proposal for the establish- ment in every dcpartmnt, at the public cost, of one or more bacteriological laboratories for the conduct of research with a view to the prevention of contagious diseases in general and tuberculosis in particular. It is but fitting, says the Review, that France, the native country of Pasteur, should take a leading position in the development of the science of bacteriology. Precocious buy trazodone sleep Sexual Maturity in a Newborn Infant. — Dr. A. Macabe Dallas, of Te.xpore, Assam, records {Indian Medical Record, May 3d) a peculiar freak of Nature, or precocious maturity. In her first accouche- ment a lady gave birth to a niale child, well developed and lean, the pubes being fully covered with hair about one eighth inch long. Tliere was an unusually large pe- nis, with complete absence of the foreskin. The glans was e.\posed and the surroundings had the appearance of a very neatly performed operation for circumcision, which it might prove dillicult in later life to distin- guish from that due to operative measures. Another Christian-Science Trial. — From the liuffah Mrdirnl Jotniiii! for .June wc learn that a Mr. and Mrs. Saunders, living at Fort Porter. har. Walter 1>. McCaw, post surgeon, was called in, but refused to ci-rtify to the cause of death and n'port«Hl the case to the buy trazodone hcl coroner. The result was a post-mortem which showed tlu' child to have died of double pneu- monia. It was learned that a Mr. and Mrs. Kinter, Christinn-Seience healers, bad In-en "treating" the eliild. and the arrest of tlii> healers anr. Nel.^.n W. Wilson, nswistnnt .Hurgeon. ...... :i Porter all the tinu-, they had not Ix'en called. The district attorney. buy trazodone uk Emory P. CIoms. is conduct-

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