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ing the prom-ciilion, nnti ii-.-oriated with him nn» his nndiilnnt. Mr. Brown, and Mr Tracy C Becker, n«prc- Henling the F.rie County M.dieal S«H>ii'ty. Dr. Wil- MISCELLANY. [N. T. Med. Jodb. liam H. Hciilh is as^^ociated with the prosecution as medical expert. The entire moral, social, and finan- cial force of the Christian Scientists has been thrown into the fight, which promises to be a long one. Climate and Alcohol. — It is Trental Indications generally believed that the consumption of alcohol, especially in concentrated forms, is greatest in cold climates, and that its efEects are there less harmful, owing to more rapid oxidation and the more active life of the natives, while the neglect Buy Cheap Trental to reduce the amount of alcohol in warmer regions is considered one of the chief causes of disease among Europeans in the tropics. The researches of Dr. Sikor- sky, of Kief, as Generic Trental summarized in the Semaine medicale, seem to show that this is far from the truth. Trental Price His coun- try is admirably suited for such an investigation, for over a vast extent of latitude from the White Sea to the Caucasus the Kussian peasant has for generations been testing the efiects of his favorite solution of alco- hol (vodka) with a vigor and persistence worthy of a martyr of science. According to Buy Trental Online official statistics, the north Russian drinks from 2.46 to 3.07 litres absolute alcohol per annum, while his brother in the south im- bibes no less than 3.5 to 4.8 litres. Yet the deaths from alcoholism show a regular increase northward, being 15 to 22 to the million in south, 40 in the centre, and 70 to 110 in north Eussia. Moreover, there is a marked increase of such deaths in specially cold years. Dr. Sikorsky concludes that cold greatly increases, even to threefold, the toxicity of alcohol, which, as is well known, so far from increasing bodily temperature, Purchase Trental Online acts as a decided antithermic by paralyzing the peripheral vessels and diminishing organic metabolism. — Revue scientifique No. 10 ; abstract in Janus, May and June. Venereal Disease and Divorce. — We gather from an -.irticle in tlie Mpdlral Wuiid for June that the Paris coiTrt of appeals has decided that the fact of marrying while Buy Trental suffering from any venereal disease is sufficient cause alone on which to grant a divorce. The Cause of the Healing of Tuberculous Peritonitis after Laparotomy. — ilildclnaiHlt {Munch.ciicr meJi- <-[7(isclic Wuchi'iisclirifl. Trental Mg is'.is. NTrental Online to strict inspec- tion by veterinary experts. 5. The author refers also to the installation Pentoxifylline Trental of the electric light and the electric tramways, and the appointment of a commission to su- pervise the erection of all new houses, so that Trental Injection plenty of air Order Trental and sunlight is provided for. He remarks, in con- clusion, on the rarity of cancer, pulmonary phthisis, and osseous and articular tuberculosis in the native born. The International Tuberculosis Congress was for- mally opened on Wednesday, May 21th, in the chamber of the Eeichstag in Berlin. The American representa- tives were Dr. de Schweinitz, Dr. A. J. Banker, of Co- lumbus, Indiana, and Dr. John Kolmer, of Indian- apolis. The Crusade against the Public Spitting Nuisance. — In a letter to the Suburban News, of Hyde Trental Cost Park, Ohio, for June 10th, Dr. John Lewin McLeish, the health officer, enforces the well-known sanitary appeals for public co-operation in stopping tliis filthy Trental Generic nuisance with the following cogent remarks on the aesthetic side of the question : " Complaints from various ladies of the village have been Trental Tablets made to me of the foul, dirty, nasty agglomera- tion of mucus and tobacco expectoration upon our side- walks, and in particular upon the public corners. As long as I am health officer this is going to be stopped, if we have to appoint a sanitary policeman for every corner in the village and for Trental 400 every offender. It should be only necessary to appeal to the sense of common decency and gentility of the offenders to abate the mawkish nui- sance, for such it is, and this is the main intent of Order Trental Online the regulation suggested. " Expectoration is a habit, foul, unnecessary, un- cleanly, and disgusting, and by the exercise of a little will power the offenders will be surprised to see how eas- ily the incubus can be shaken off. Gentlemen do not find it necessary to go hawking and spitting around the drawing rooms or salons of their Trental 100 Mg lady acquaintances, Purchase Trental and they should not find it necessary to befoul the side-

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