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walks and street corners, over which so many of their lady friends and relatives have to pass. An anti-expec- toration campaign is an initial sine qua nan toward the (•sl:il)lishment of a first-class state of public health, and when this low, common nuisance is abated, as it is most ccilainly going to be in Hyde Park, other amendments will be suggested which, it is hoped, will. make our clas- sic suburb, of which we are justly proud, a model Tricor Coupons of sanitary perfection. "Of course, if the expectoraling gcndemcn prefer to see the gentler sex swimming in mucus and tobacco spit upon the street corners, and if they have no objec- tion to the increased expenditure for ladies' skirts and dress goods entailed, we Tricor Online will settle down contentedly in our &pit-S|)uttering little Venice, and, when it lie- comes necessary, invest in canoes. " But it there is any efficacy in a. sMiiihwy pnJiiciiKin, a good club, and a wise squire, spilling in Hyde Park has got to go." Death of Dr. Norman Kerr. Tlu' death is an- noiinied a'^ iuiving ftccurri'd in liimdon on May .'ilst of Dr. Norman Kerr, well known as an cnlliusiiist ic ami ai)le advocate nf Die cause of tnhil alisl iiiciiic Buy Tricor Online in rela- tion to alcohol. THE XEW YORK MEDICAL JQUEyAL, Juxe 24, 1899. C?riginal Commttnitattons. SOME CRITICAL ANT) DESULTORY REMARKS ON EECENT LARYNGOLOGICAL AJXD KHIXOLOGICAL LITERATURE. By JONATHAN WRIGUT, Purchase Tricor M. D. [Ninth Paper.) TCBE8CUL0SIS. Of late years the endeavor to find in the laboratory an agent which could be introduced into the human organism to destroy the tubercle bacillus or its toxines has lost much of the impetus furnished by faith in the scientific spirit which for many years apparently ani- mated workers in Tricor 48 Mg the biological laboratories of Germany. Recent incidents in the manufacture of the diphtheria antitoxine, and still more recently of " tubercle anti- toxine," have more clearly indicated the commercialism rampant in quarters where we had long grown Cost Of Tricor accus- tomed to look for truth only. There was a time when it was the proud boast Buy Tricor of all scientific men, and it is still the pride of man}', that their ideas, their work, and their methods were at the service of any honest fellow- worker. We hear now Tricor 145 Mg of closed doors in the laboratory, and, what is still worse, we hear of the necessity of clos- ing them against the thief who filches the ideas of others and jjarades them as his own. These are the severest blows medical science has received, in our generation at least. The physician of the soul may ply his trade suc- cessfully, perhaps at a high salary; but the seeker for truth easily becomes merely the seeker for glory and gold when he lays aside either self-abnegation or self- respect. The very essence of the scientific spirit is anni- hilated at once by the intrusiftn Cheap Tricor of the selfish spirit of commercialism. It may not be that the failure to discover an anti- to.xine or a bactericide for the tubercle bacillus in the human organism is to Tricor Cost be ascribed entirely to the baleful tendencies which we can not but recognize in the domain of serotherapy. After our study of the therapeutic re- sults Tricor Prices of Koch's tuberculin; after the bright hopes which he professed for his various modification.s of it ; after llio Hwopping succes.scs alleged for Maragliano's serum; after the more severe calls upon our creilulity by the flaming annoiinct'incnts of pneudo-srientlBts, whose rcpu- tation.H arc apparently only revered by the daily pnxs; after it has Income apparent that all Tricor Price these things are sinking into Tricor Fenofibrate the oblivion which hides the myriad cure- allii of consumption, we are, I am sun', almo.^t ready to Ixliovn that Bueh an agent iH not discovert^l Ix-cnuMe it d(H'tt not i'xi«l. We are still more ready to infer thi.-t after reading llie recent article by Dr. Trudcau and Dr. Hnldwin* Thoy detail long, laborious, ond carc«fully • Amrrtntn Jimrnal «/ /*• iMinil Srimen, Dm-rmlMT, IHIIN, Tricor Coupon •ml .Unuarj, INtfW varied experiments made with the view of obtaining some immunizing serum which could be used with some hope of success in the therapy of tuberculosis ; but their efforts, which were supported by their long experience both in experimental and clinical work, have, as they admit, been entirely unsuccessful, and, while thev do not abandon hope Order Tricor of a method being eventually discovered by which immunity to and successful treatment of tuber- culosis may be attained, such a result Coupons For Tricor is certainly not now in Tricor Mg sight. The sum total of results thus far at- tained, so far as the practical application of them is concerned, is found in the diagnostic value of tuberculin for the detection of boWne tuberculosis. This is of very great value, and is, of course, worth all the labor and all the disappointment of the hopes which sprang up in connection with its discovery. Dr. Lydia Rabino- witch * has demonstrated the presence of Tricor 145mg the tubercle bacillus in specimens of market butter coming from a prominent butter merchant Tricor 145 of Berlin. We have previous experiments recorded which induce us to believe that this is \=ery exceptional. It can not be too often in- sisted upon that any given quantity of milk or butter may contain enough tubercle bacilli to kill guinea-pigs and still not contain enough to affect the human infant. This is a point which is as open to conjecture in one direction as the other. Although they say it takes from eight to thirty tubercle bacilli to infect a guinea-pig, there are no data upon wliich we can base an idea of the requisite minimum dose of the tubercle bacillus for the production of human tuberculosis. The late Dr. Kanthack, together with Dr. Sladen, had, before the death of the former, begun a series of investigations into the relation of the milk supply of Cambridge, England, to tuberculosis. In their paper,! which is merely an in-

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