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necrop.sy was performed by me in the university labora- tory of pathology four hours after the patient's death. The gross finding.? were as follows : Seclion-prolocol. — Body of medium height and slen- der build. The musculature good, slightly flabby. Fair amount of pannicuhis. No a'denia. Skin sallow, nutri- tion fair. Marked hypostasis, amounting to cyanosis over the upper part of thorax, li(,'ad, vermox tablet and back. Rigor mortis present in all muscles. Body heat present. Head: Facecyanotic. There is a subcutaneousgrowth f'xlending over the entire nose ami a sliort disliinee into each clieck. Tiie skin over this is thickened, rough, scaly, with numerous minute vesicles. The nostrils are com- pletely closed by masses of soft, grayish-red tissue. The growth does not extend into the mouth. Over the bridge of the nose there is a small ulcer vermox tablets covered with surgical dressings. The nasal bones and cartilage seem complete- ly replaced by the growth. Brain : A small, soft growth, of the size of a cherry, is found on the inner surface of the generic vermox dura near the longi- tudinal sinus. The pia is congested; all of the sinuses are distended with fluid blood. The brain substance is hypertemic and a'dematous. There is a large amount of clear fluid in the lateral ventricles, which are vermox for children somewhat distended. The pineal body is replaced by a tumor nod- ule, of the size of a large cherry. Otherwise the brain seems normal. The hypophysis is replaced by a tumor growth. The left third nerve is surrounded by a thick mass of new growth which is partly colloid in appear- ance. The left Gasserian ganglion is greatly enlarged and completely surrounded by new growth. The nasal fossa vermox oral suspension is completely filled with a soft tumor mass, showing extensive mucous degeneration. This mass is directly continuous with tumor masses filling up the frontal sinus, the sphenomaxillary fossa, and with the mass in the vermox price nostrils. The left cavernous sinus is also filled with tumor tissue. All of these masses are very soft, homo- geneous, and show myxomatous change. The right third nerve and Gasserian ganglion are normal. The examination of mouth, larynx, and trachea is negative. Thyreoid enlarged, and shows colloid degenera- tion. The main incision shows marked vermox worms venous congestion everywhere. The tissues bleed freely. The muscles are red, moist, and soft. There is a moderate amount of ab- dominal fat. The vermox suspension position of the abdominal organs is normal. There is no fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Diaphragm extends to the fourth intercostal space on the right, to the fifth interspace on the left. No remains of the thymus are present. The medias- tinal tissue contains a number of enlarged lymph glands. Pericardium: The pericardium contains about one hundred cubic centimetres of cloudy fluid in which there are small flakes of fibrin. The surface of the pericar- dium is dull and clouded. There are no new growths in the pericardial layers. Heart: Of about twice the normal size, and very ir- regular in shape. The surface is irregularly nodular, the nodules appearing yellowish as seen through the cpicar- dium. They are elevated, firm, and do not show any umbilication. A thick ring of new growth extends around the auriculo-ventricular groove. On section the heart muscle is almost entirely replaced by homoge- neous yellowish-white areas, coiilrnsliug strongly with the deep red of the remaining heart muscle. These areas project as rounded nodules into the cavities of the heart, and form the nodules seen on the surface beneath the epicardium. Many of these areas vermox for worms are surrcumdcd by a zone of by- permmia or hirmorrhage. The conlrc of some of the nodules is soft, in others vermox for sale there is a colloid aiqiearance. The endocardium appears unchanged, and in no place does it give any evidence of a breaking-through of the tumor. In the left ventricular cavity there is buy vermox purchase vermox n large jelly clot with some fluid Idood, and in the auricles and greiit vessels arc large white clots. The right ventricle contains some fluid I)!nod mebendazole vermox and a large firm mass, about the size and sha])(' of a largo Knglish walnut. It is gray- ish-red in color, and has a ribi)ed and furrowed surface June vermox syrup 24, 1899.J WARTniN: POLTilORPHOUS-CELL SARCOMA OF THE NOSE. 879 suggesting the appearance of brain coral. Its surface presents no appearance of any previous union with the heart wall, nor can any evidence of such connection be found in the endocardium of the right vermox australia heart. Lungs: There are about five order vermox hundred cubic centime- tres of turbid fluid in each pleural sac. The surfaces of the pleura; are cloudy and are covered with numerous flakes of fibrin. All over the surfaces of both parietal and visceral pleurae are scattered numerous small growths, varying in size, but for the most part of the size of a small pea. In the parietal pleura they are arranged in rows corresponding to the direction of the ribs. The right lung shows extreme congestion and oedema. There is a moderate anthracosis. Throughout its substance there are many small growths, most abundant about the bronchi and under the pleura. These tumors are soft, white, and perfectly homogeneous. The left lung pre- sents a similar appearance, but shows fewer of the growths. There are several small deep-red areas in the lower lobe just under the pleura. These are triangular in shape, with their vermox online bases beneath the pleura. Bronchial vermox otc glands: These contain large masses of new growth. On section they are soft, white, and ho- vermox 100mg

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