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[N. Y. Med. Jocb.; and who was known to be free from malarial disease. He was kept in a small room in which a large number of mosquitoes, gathered in an intensely malarial dis- trict of the Campagna, were liberated. Zaditor Cost They bit the patient freely, and in a few days Buy Zaditor he was attacked with typical malarial fever and showed the organisms in his blood. The ability to act as host to Haltcridium,, Prote- osoma, or the malarial organism does not belong equally to all mosquitoes. It is found in each case that in order to obtain the above results it is necessary to have certain definite species of the insects. The most recent observations which we have, and the news of which has reached us only within the past few daj's, are from Grassi, Bignami, and Bastianelli. They have made an elaborate study of mosquitoes fed upon patients suffering from asstivo-autumnal fever and tertian fever. They used a certain species of mosquito called Anopheles claviger, which is fairly abundant in the neighborhood of Eome, and which is found to answer best for the purposes of these experiments. Their results confirm in almost every particular the observations made by Boss in studying Proteosoma, and seem to justify his inference that the life histories of the two forms of Zaditor Eye Drops hsmatozoa are practically the same. The Zaditor Tablets question now arises. Are the observations which I have briefly outlined trustworthy, and, if so, are the inferences that have been drawn from them justified? It is only fair to state that as yet but few experi- ments have been made and published confirming them. This is due partly to the fact that Ross's publications are Buy Zaditor Online themselves only a few months Purchase Zaditor old, partly to the great practical difficulties which stand in the way of the carrying out of such investigations. In the studying of the parasites of such small insects as mosquitoes, the highest degree of technical skill is required, and more than ordinary patience. Moreover, the work can be done only Order Zaditor in a malarial region, and generally far re- moved from laboratory facilities. Zaditor Eye Drop To one who has had practical experience of the difficulties met with in dis- secting out and studying the stomachs of mosquitoes, it is surprising that even so Zaditor Coupons much should have been already accomplished. It is of much interest, however, to know that Ross's preparations of mosquito dissections have been shown to Laveran, Koch, and Nuttall, and that they all inde- pendently regard them as convincing evidences of the tru.stworthinfSB of his statements, and they all, in their most recent publications or interviews, express a belief in the truth of his theory. There remains, however, a groat deal of work to be done before we may regard it as absolutely proved, and even then but a small part of the life Zaditor Drops history of the malarial proteozoon will have been cleared up. But even as Ross's work stands at present it constiliitcs the mo.st important contribution to Ihe study of malaria that has been made Cheap Zaditor since the publication of Laveran's original work giving an account of the discovery of the organism. Many questions suggest themselves for solution be- fore practical use can be made of the facts already de- termined. For instance, if the mosquito is the inter- mediary host, is it the only one, and is it thus essential to the development of the poison in any given locality, or may the organism find shelter in other Alaway Or Zaditor insects as well? Again, if malaria is acquired by the bites of mosquitoes, is this the only way in which it may be taken? In order to answer these various questions it will be necessary to Buy Cheap Zaditor follow out more closely that part of the life history of the organism which is passed out- side the human body, and also perhaps outside its mos- quito host. Facts are being gradually accumulated bearing upon these questions. Bignami and his associates have demonstrated that two days after festivo-autumnal blood rich in crescentic bodies has been taken into the stomach of a mosquito, the coccidium forms have found their way Zaditor Price into the stomach and intestinal wall, and lie encapsulated be- tween the muscle fibres. On the sixth day they have in- creased enormously in size and project into the lumen of the alimentary canal. Very gentle pressure at this stage suffices to rupture the cyst and set free in the intestine myriads of the germinal rods or spores. It is supposed that these spores then find their way into the water. The question comes up. Can man now be infected with malaria by drinking this water, or is it more likely that the spores find their way into the larval forms of mosquitoes, remain with these until they develop into the full-grown insects, and so are again conveyed to the animals upon which the Generic Zaditor mosquitoes feed? It is gen- erally thought that the latter is more probable; this would be closely analogous to what is known to take Eye Drops Zaditor place in the case of the protozoon of Texas cattle fever, Purchase Zaditor Online the cattle tick being the intermediary host. Showing the widespread interest that has been aroused in this question, the Natural Science Departs ment of the British Museum has recently published and distributed throughout the British Colonial Service a small pamphlet giving a description of the best method* of catching, preserving, and studying mosquitoes. The British Government has also sent a commission abroad to investigate the methods used by Bignami and his associates in Italy and by Ross in India. The German Government also Zaditor Coupon has sent Koch to Africa to pursue there his studies in the inoculation theory of malaria. The mosquito theory would help to explain another phenomenon which it is stated has been observed by physicians — namely, thai certain localities which had Order Zaditor Online never before been malarious have become so after the migration into them of persons coming from malariou* countries. It is easily conceivable that healiby mos-

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