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Boston Medico-psychological Association ; Obstetrical Socie- ty of Philadelphia ; United States Naval Medical Society ( Washington). Friday, March 4th: Practitioners' Society of New York (pri- vate). Saturday. March - r >t!i : Clinical Society of the New York Post- graduate Medical School and Hospital ; Manhattan Medical and Surgical Society (private); Millar's River, Mass., Medi- cal Society. OBITUARY NOTES. Fenner Harris Peckham, M. D., one of the oldest and best-known physicians in Providence, R. I., died on the 17th inst., of Bright's disease, from which he had suffered for nine rears. Dr. Peckham, the son of an eminent physician, was born in Killingly, Conn., in 1820. He was graduated at Y T ale Medical College, and began his medical practice in Connecti- cut, where he remained Zantac 300 Mg until 1852, when he settled in Provi- dence. During t tie war he was a surgeon in an artillery regi- ment. Of late years he had given np the burden of a large practice to his son, Dr. Fenner II. Peckham, Jr. Dr. Peckham was widely respected and esteemed for his professional skill and his stanch integrity. ^letters to the (L r rjitov. ANTIPYRINE AS A HEMOSTATIC. Boston, February IS, 1887. To the Editor of the New York Medical Zantac 150 Journal : Sir : A statement has, I am informed, been printed in some of the journals recently to the effect that antipyrine is a useful Purchase Zantac remedy Buy Zantac Online internally in Cheap Zantac cases of hemorrhage, and attributing its first use in this way to a German professor within the past few weeks. I wish to say, through the columns of your journal, that, at a meeting of Zantac Mg the Boston Therapeutical Society, held iu November, 1886, Dr. A. F. Pattee, the president, stated, during a discussion on the drug, that he bad used it for some time in- ternally as a remedy for haemorrhage, particularly in that from the lungs and the respiratory tract, and found it to be a valu- able remedy in this class of cases; also that it was Buy Zantac a Zantac Online good local haemostatic. In the last statement he was corroborated by several of the aentlemen present. The fact was also emphasized that in the hectic fever id phthisis antipyrine was one of the best remedies, if not the best. John W. Johnson. |Jrocceinno,s of Societies. NEW YORK PATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Annvnl Meeting, January 1'. 18S7. The Vice-President, Dr. T. Mitchell Prudden, in the Chair. Officers for the Ensuing Year.— At the executive session, Dr. T. M. Prudden was elected president ; Dr. W. P. Northnip, vice-president; Dr. Order Zantac Online W. M. Carpenter, secretary; Dr. J. H. Hin- ton, treasurer; Dr. J. C. Peters, editor; Dr. \V. Mendelson, Dr. J. C. Peters, Dr. H. Marion-Sims, Dr. L. E. Holt, and Dr. W. H. Porter, committee on admissions and on ethics; and Dr. G. C. Freeborn and Dr. W. P. Northrup, members of the committee on publication. Pneumonia. — Dr. Northrup presented the lung of a child winch had died of pneumonia following measles. The point of interest was the exhibition, by a favorable cut, of the bronchial tree. Syphilitic Lung.— Dr. W. H. Porter presented a lung and microscopical sections in further illustration of the Where To Buy Zantac points made regarding the syphilitic lung and the absence of the tubercle bacillus in such Purchase Zantac Online cases at a recent meeting of the so- ciety. Broncho-pneumonia ; its Different Stages Illustrated.— Dr. L. E. Holt presented the lungs of a child, eight months old, dead of broncho-pneumonia Order Zantac which had grown worse for six or eight weeks. One portion of the lung showed the le- sions which evidently had taken place at the commencement of the disease; a second portion, those about three weeks old; a third portion, those two or three days old. Typhoid Fever with Symptoms of Cerebro-spinal Men- ingitis. — Dr. R. W. A.midon- presented the intestines of a wom- an, showing marked lesions of typhoid fever. The disease had been of eight weeks' duration, and many of the ulcers iu the lower part of the ileum had healed ; an ulcer which had caused Zantac Buy death by hssmorrhage was situated three feet from the anus and was in a Zantac 150mg sloughing condition. The interest in the case centered in the fact that the symptoms were largely those of cerebro- spinal meningitis. The woman, aged thirty years, began to complain of pain in the occiput about November 300 Mg Zantac 19th. Pain at the Zantac 150 Mg back of the neck, stiffness of Zantac 75 Mg the neck, and pain in the tem- ples continued, and it was thought she was suffering from cold. She had chills, the pain grew worse, and about a week after the commencement of her illness her physician, Dr. Currier, was called. Her temperature at this time was about 103° F. The cerebro-spinal symptoms were exaggerated, with the addi- tion of pain in the back. A peculiarity of the case throughout its course was the irregularity of the temperature, which was usually higher in the morning than in the afternoon, and fell nearly to normal on two or three occasions. Dr. Amidjn saw the patient only once in consultation, about the third week of her illness, when the symptoms mentioned were present; there was no gurgling over the csecum, no special tenderness of the abdomen, and no eruption. He made a diagnosis Zantac Coupon of cerebro- spinal meningitis, with the reservation of possible typhoid fever. Three days later an eruption appeared in patches all over the body, scarlatinal in character, most marked about the joints. On the 30th of December the temperature was 97'8°. Two or three days later she ate to excess, and again had chill, rise of temperature, and pains. Online Zantac On the morning of January 4th the temperature was 102'8 C , and she had two chills and suf- fered from severe occipital pain; in the afternoon she had five chills. Dr. Currier diagnosticated septicemia or pyemia, and Dr. Amidon, being told of the symptoms, thought it probable that septic poisoning was taking place from typhoid ulcers. The temperature went up to 105°, and she had frequent chills, but by the 10th of January the temperature had fallen Dearly to

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