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Dr. Schmeitz operated slowly and at his ease. The patient a]i[)oared to Order Zestoretic Online feel very gay. and from time to time la\ighed loudly, as though to testify that she fell no pain. To aid the operation she took the moijt favorable attitudes, extending her right arm, and thus avoiding the necessity of having it held. The results of the operation were satisfactory in everv respect; her temperature did not rise above l?7.3° 0. (!)!).l° F.). The tubes were withdrawn the third day. Until a complete cure was ofToctod, which was on the fifteenth day, hut one dressing was made, consisting cif iodoform and absorbent cotton. The sutures were removed as soon as Iho reunion was complete. Througho\it the o|)oration the patient's face was very pallid, Zestoretic Online but Zestoretic Generic the pupils of her eyes did not dilate, and her [)ulso was not feeble. .\ niimlHT of physicians saw Miss M. at (his time; they also ^aw Zestoretic Tablets (ho tumor, which woigheLisinopril 20 The patient, in a state of somnambulism, at once said, " That Cheap Zestoretic is a very strong remedy that you iise." When asked if the irrigation burned, she said, " Not at all; I do not feel the slightest pain." A V-shaped incision was made in the lid and the fragment Zestoretic 20 removed. Three pins were then placed paral- lel through the ends of the wound and a metallic thread united them. A wash of sublimate with vaseline and iodoform was spread on the seam; a dry antiseptic dressing held the eye immovable. The pins and wire were removed on the fifth day; the wound was thorough- ly united, and healed without the shadow of a compli- cation and without a drop of pus. The operation was performed slowly, and the eye, without any aid whatever, remained wide open, in spite of the contact with the instruments. Owing to the pallor of the face and quasi absence of respiration, it was for a moment believed tluit the patient had fainted, but the large, soft pulse showed that this pseudo-syncope was but the effect of hypnosis. The pa- tient did not feel the slightest pain, and when she awoke she would not believe that she had been operated upon. RUBBER GLOVES IN ASEPTIC ABDOMINAL SURGERY, WITH A NEW METHOD OF STERILIZATION AND BACTERIOLOGICAL PROVINGS. By 0. H. RICITARDSON, M.I)., ALBANY. [A Study from tlie Order Zestoretic Surgical Laboratory of W. G. Mat-iionald.] Steiulity as applied to the bare hands is almost a relative terra. I believe few surgeons' hands are ever absolutely sterile, regardless of the method used to ac- complish that purpose. Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg The subject then reduces itself to one of the degree of infection in nearly all cases where rubber gloves are not used. It is only a question of im- munity or whether the leucocytes are capable of master- ing the situation in a certain percentage of patients. If they do, primary union ensues; if not, suppuration. Hence it is that we sometimes see dirty surgeons get healing by first intention. Of course, if almost any of the recognized methods for cleansing the hands are con- scientiously followed, the cases wlicre suppuration will follow will be very few, but for the benefit of the few is this paper written. It stands to reason that a patient with an impover- ished condition of the blood and Purchase Zestoretic Online Buy Zestoretic Online little Zestoretic Cost vital resistance will have a suppurative wound from little infection in- troduced, when lliree times th(! amount in a healthful patient causes no trouble. We do not always know Ijc- forehand which patients possess these qualities and to what extent, so the only safe Generic Zestoretic way is to introduce none at ail, and this can be done by the proper use of nibbiT gloves and a rigid technique. Not infrequently we see a surgeon, three or four assistants, and two or Zestoretic Strengths three nurses " washed up " for an operation, all either handling instruments or assist- ing the operator. I saw such an occurrence in one of the large hospitals in New York city not long ago. This is Zestoretic Price an unnecessary risk — a great risk. It could just as well have been Buy Cheap Zestoretic reduced sixty-two and a half per cent. by reducing to three persons all told, and the remaining thirty-seven and a half per cent, to nothing by the sci- entific use of rubber gloves, and the operation done with less confusion and greater dispatch. I am familiar with no operation that requires more than one surgeon, Purchase Zestoretic one

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