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good assistant, and one nurse — that is, to come in con- tact with the wound. I venture to say that had cultures been taken Cost Of Zetia from beneath and from the sides of the nails and between the fingers, three anyway, if not more, of the eight would have shown germs — perhaps not virii- lent ones, but as apt to be as not. Discount Zetia Suture material has been made the " scapegoat " in unfortunate infections in many cases where it was not at fault. It will never cause trouble if properly pre- pared. Catgut prepared by the cumol method Zetia Coupons is abso- lutely germless. Silk by sterilization under steam pres- sure is aseptic. Silkworm gut by the nitrate-of-silver process, followed by the action of the autoclave, is be- yond dispute. Any of the various suture materials can be sterilized by one of the above-mentioned methods. The proper preparation of dressings and instruments is a part of operating-room technique and familiar to every surgeon. The field of operation can be rendered so nearly aseptic by careful preparation that the worst that can happen from this source is stitch-hole abscesses, which are rare nowadays. What is left? The air (?) and the hands. Why take any risk when it Zetia Coupon can be so easily avoided? Cotton or Lisle thread gloves were a step in the right direction, but they are used but little at the present time, as they only partly accomplished the de- sired result, consequently were quickly succeeded by Zetia Cost rubber gloves, now generally used, or ought to be, by all up-to-date surgeons in the country. The hands Cholesterol Zetia .should be washed as carefully in all cases as though gloves were not intended to be worn, for, should Zetia Discount an accidcnl liai)))en, then the chance Zetia Hair Loss of infection is reduced. The following I believe to be the best system to ac- complish the purpose, Zetia Prices advocates of permanganate of potassium and oxalic acid, chlorinated lime, mustard, carbolic acid, etc., to the contrary notwithstanding. Tlie finger nails should Buy Zetia be cleared of gross dirt before beginning. Use sicrilized water and change it often. With a boiled, stiff iiand brush and green soap scrub for a period of five minnlcs (it is longer by actual time than it seems when hurried) the lower tiiird of arm, Buy Zetia Online forearm, and hands, giving special attention to the sides and base of nails as well as underneath them and between (he fin- gers. A sharp-pointed stick Zetia Cheap (orange wood is the tough- June 24, 1899.] THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 889 est) assists in this locality. This removes the superficial scales of epithelium harboring the staphylococci. An ounce of oil of turpentine now applied and thorough- ly rubbed in forms a creamy emulsion, removing most of the oily sebaceous material always present, and is a mild antiseptic. Another application of brush and soap for two minutes, and then carefully rinse the hands in plenty of fresh, sterilized water. Have some one pour one or two ounces of ninety-five per cent, alcohol over Cheap Zetia the arms and hands, rubbing them at the same time. This fur- ther frees the hands from any fatty material. Submerge in arm basin filled with warm l-to-1,000 bichloride solu- tion the scrubbed area for five minutes, then rinse in normal salt solution to remove the bichloride solution re- maining. If rubber gloves are to be worn, dry the hands with a sterilized towel. Have some one remove the pins from the towel in which the gloves are carried; remove the gauze wrapper yourself (it is sterile) and put Zetia Price on the gloves, which by the following plan of sterilization will require no powder shaken inside and will slip on as readily as a kid glove. It is well to now submerge the gloved hand in a l-to-1,000 sublimate solution for two or three minutes and rinse in normal salt solution. Touch nothing from this minute but your instruments. If these procedures are rigidly carried out, a patient will never become infected from the hands, now the greatest source of danger in most well-regulated hospi- tals, the technique in other respects being first class. Gloves are now manufactured witliout seams and so thin that the tactile sensation is but slightly impaired. True, when wet, the tissue grasped has a tendency to slip, but this can be remedied somewhat by having the ends ground or roughened, as suggested by Dr. Mac- donald. Their cost Zetia Online is nominal — about a dollar and a half a pair — and with the metiiod of sterilization soon to be described they will last indefinitely. I think tlic principal reason that liiey arc not used by every one is the trouble and difficulty of getting them on satisfactorily after the preexisting methods of sterili- zation. A few will be enumerated with their main objections or defects. I. Boiling simihir to that of instruments just before operation. They are wet and will not go on readily un- less vaseline is used. This imparts a sticky, slimy sensa- tion and is nonsurgical. Zetia Discount Card II. Hoijjng previously and attempting to draw on under birhlorido solution. This leaves more or less water in tlio ends Zetia 10 Mg What Is Zetia of the fingers ond " bogs " in the palms of the hands and between the fingers. III. Roiling and drying by slow heat, then with bits of gauze laid about the fingers nnd rolled up in rubl)«'r sheet until rea
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