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Chlorate of sodium 15 " Hvdrochloride of cocaine 1^ grain. M. For local application. Or — IJ Lemon juice, )^ ^^^^ 305 grains; Glycerin, ) f,?V'fS , ■ [of each, 15 " Chlorate of potassium, ) ' M. For local application. Erosions or ulcers sliould be touched Zofran Ondansetron with silver Cost Of Zofran nitrate, equal parts of iodine and glycerin, l-in-20 solu- tion of sulphate of zinc, or l-in-40 of sulphate of copper, chromic acid, or other astringent. Internally the author recommends from sixty to a hundred and twenty grains of the chlorate of potassium or sodium in divided doses in the twenty-four hours. Tlicse bubstances being eliminated by the salivary glands, he says, act as a sort of continuous collutory. Napelline as a Substitute for Morphine and to Overcome the Pain following the Withdrawal of Mor- phine. — .M. itodet (I'rcssc metliraln, April 5tli ; lilcdi- ciiif., June) claims to have experimented extensively with various drugs in seeking a substitute Zofran Price for morphine that would overcome the atrocious pains which accom- pany the abrupt or gradual withdrawal of the drug. He asserts that in napelline we liave a remarkable sedative for the nervous system which favors sleep. To obtain the best effects, Cost Zofran the substitute is to be given hypodermically. It is readily soluble in distilled water. The dose employed Zofran 4mg is not definitely stated, but from the solutions employed it would seem as if about five grains had been given in a day. The author speaks of the feeble toxicity of the substitute, though in this he differs from other writers. Foster's Handbook of Therapeutics, says Medicine, states that napelline is al- most identical in action with aconitine, but not so pow- erful, Zofran Iv the dose being from one twentieth to one third of A Draught for Premenstrual Pains. — The Lyon medical for May 21st quotes the following from the Revue medicale: IJ Codeine f grain ; Chloral 15 Zofran 8mg grains; Bromide of ammonium 15 " Camphorated water 450 " M. To be taken in one Zofran Mg dose on going to bed. The Lyon medical adds: Iv Zofran '"Before employing this remedy, which can not be an agreeable one, we advise practitioners to try antipyrine in a dose of from fifteen to thirty Zofran Odt grains. We have seen greater relief follow this treatment even than that which Price Of Zofran follows the hypodermic injection of Odt Zofran morphine." Sensitive Dentine. — The Southern Clinic for Zofran Cost June quotes the following from the Dental Brief : " Dr. C. B. Kohland, of Illinois, says: 'By adding just sufficient carbolic crystals to cocaine hydrochloride, and rubbing together with Zofran 4 a spatula until the cocaine is dissolved, a thick syrup is obtained which is escharotic, antisep- tic, obtundent. With this he often obtains most grati- fying results in the treatment of sensitive dentine in Zofran Buy cavities of decay. It should Ondansetron Zofran be used with the rubber dam, dryness to the verge of desiccation secured, ap- plied warm, and treated in situ with 8 Mg Zofran the hot-air syringe, as hot as can be borne, and again dried before excavat- ing. If the first application fails to give the desired Zofran 8 Mg re- sult, a second will almost invariably prove efEective.' " A Prescription for Tapeworm in Children. — The Clinica modcnia for May 10th attributes the follow- ing prescription to Sassy: IJ Black oxide of copper 75 grains; I'rcpared chalk, ) , - _ „ Tvr ■ \ I c each . . 15 Magnesium carbonate, j Gum tragacanth 150 " Glycerin 75 Sugar GOO Water a sufficiency. M. Divide into Zofran 4 Mg fifty lozenges. S. Two or three to be taken daily. Syrup of Arsenate of Iron. — The Riforma mcdica for May 1211i credits the following to Griggi : 1} Arsenate of sodium 5^^ grains; Pure ferrous sulphate .... 4^ " Citric acid 13 " Distilled water 150 " Syrup 14,850 " M.

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