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From two to six zoloft street value leaspoonftils daily, before meals. June 24, 1809.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 891 NEW YORK ]SrEDICAL JOURNAL. A Weekly Review of Medicine. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 1899. CQOLERA INFANTUM AND THE zoloft online pharmacy no prescription NURSING BOTTLE. The perils that surround the bottle-fed baby are manifold. If a liquid reasonably resembling breast milk in composition and temperature is put into its does zoloft come 150 mg tablets bottle, it is still in danger of sucking in septic and pos- sibly specific germs that have been lurldng in the rub- ber generic zoloft online appurtenances of the bottle. The abomination known as the Alexandra nursing bottle, that familiar device for saving the nurse-maid trouble, has com- mended itself to the unthinking for many years, and its use has even been upheld by some physicians who should have known better, although one would suppose that the dullest comprehension could not fail to per- ceive the impossibility of keeping it clean — clean in the ordinary sense of the word, not aseptic. Most physi- cians whose practice has been largely among children have, it is true, inveighed against it, but hardly any heed has been taken of their statements, perhaps be- cause they were not clinched by indisputable demon- stration. Such a demonstration seems now to have been made, and it is by no means the least of the serv- ices rendered by street value zoloft 100mg bacteriology. To Dr. Wcnde, the buy zoloft online canada health odicer of BulTalo, so far as our present informa- tion goes, is due tiie credit of having proved the agency of tlic " liose " bottle in causing cholera infantum. The flexible external tube of the Alexandra bottle, ns everybody knows, is made of soft rubber, a material which speedily becomes foul when kept in contact with impure liquids or those that readily decompose. Dr. Wcnde has shown that this tube, after having been in use for a little time, contains in the deptiis of the rub- ber, to say nothing of its inner siirfacf, niicro-organisms tlint even cheap zoloft no prescription boiling docs not destroy, ns is provpil by the case with which cultures of them are grown. In conse- quence of Dr. Wernle'.s demoiislrntion the Budnlo board of health some time ago passed an onlinanci' forbidiiin.u' (he Bale of the "hose" nursing bottle, and during the year or more I hat thin enactment \\m been in force the cholera infantum niortnlity of HufTalo \\m boon flfty per cent. lexit than before. Hut thiH is not all. The i-limiimtion of tin- " hose " doon not, of courno, do away with all the (hingorn of l)ottle-fecding. Not only lias the baby l be gunrdrd against bad milk, but the micro-organisms lurking in soft rubber still pursue it. Dr. Wende finds that even the rubber nipple used when the " hose " is dispensed with soon becomes zoloft 300 mg per day a nest for bacteria; so that in time even that must go, although it will have to be used, we presume, until a less objectionable form of nipple is devised. Dr. Wende finds that the nipples made of white rubber are more readily infected than the black ones; therefore, so i took 300 mg of zoloft long as rubber nipples still have to be employed, the black ones are to be preferred. What is wanted now is a nipple combining something of the elasticity of soft rubber with does zoloft have street value the germ-proof quality of glass. Celluloid has been suggested as a material zoloft 100 mg street value that might be made to fulfill these requirements, and we see no reason why it should not if properly treated. Some- thing must be invented to supersede the soft-rubber nipple. SANITARY ICONOCLASM. This is an iconoclastic age. Bit by bit, we see old faiths, old ideals, old traditions, old cherished beliefs crumble away. The emotions, which used to reign with unchallenged empire, it is now sought to control on sanitary principles. The loving cup becomes an abom- ination as a dispenser of disease. That heavenly first kiss, which poets have raved about and all young people have cherished zoloft 300 mg a day as the ideal moment of their lives, is threatened zoloft online order with extinction as a conveyer of infection. " Wine that maketh glad the heart of man " is only a vile poison after all, to be shunned like the plague. Even the " cup that cheers but not inebriates " has within recent days killed a man, we are told, within generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription the precincts of a New York hospital, buy generic zoloft online and is ruining the digestion, and consequently the health, of its myriads, and producing a race of neurotics. The soothing influence of "sweet tobacco," that has re- freshed the weary, calmed the excited, stayed the hunger of the explorer when food was not forthcoming, and stimulated the energies of the student buy generic zoloft online no prescription "sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought," is the olTspring of a vile and filthy zoloft price comparison habit. Kven the physical law.-* of N'nture are all turned topsy-turvy. It is no longi>r true that we can not see in tlic dark. The .\ rays have made it approxintatcly possible to gee through a brick wall. Space and time are both reduci-d to fiflh- rafe obstacles by (he telegraph and the telephone. And 80 on ad infinitum. We have always generic zoloft sale br-en accustomed to believe in (he rela(ivc purity zoloft 300 mg daily of a country over n city life. Dwelling honxen in (own.-* hove Im'cu damnoil as bri'0(fiil longings toward

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