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EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 893 that there were usually about a thousand lepers in the settlement and no segregation of the sexes was attempted. On the contrary, marriage was encouraged, as it was believed that lepers were generally barren. As a matter of fact, only about forty children have been born in the settlement during the last fifteen or sixteen years, and it is not believed there that leprosy is congenital, but rather that it is acquired after birth by accidental inoculation. Only ten per cent, of the children bom in the settlement have become lepers. In Honolulu, Dr. Stone further informs us, there is a home for the non-leprous children of lepers, and when a child zyban 150 mg bula born in the leper settlement has attained buy cheap zyban nline the age of two or three years and is still free from the dis- ease, it is taken to this home to be brought up, or is reared by its relatives in some other island. The board of health has thus been enabled to watch the growth and development of these children, and Dr. Stone is convinced that its opinions are solidly founded. This is strong testimony and most gratifying in its purport, for we believe that marriage should never be discouraged, far less forbidden, save under buy zyban nline uk very grave circumstances. Possibly Verteuil had in view the pre- vention of illicit sexual relations rather than matri- mony among lepers, for his observation to the effect that the sexual appetite is heightened in them is corrobo- rated. Dr. Stone informs us, by what has been observed in the Molokai settlement. It d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban is Dr. Stone's opinion that Kalaupapa, the site of the Molokai leper settle- ment, is ideally situated for quarantine purposes, and that the system of managing lepers curried out by the Hawaiian government is very nearly perfect. He adds the hope that, zyban (buprpin) 150 mg now that the islands have become part of our domain, there will be no disturbance of that sys- tem, and that eventually the lepers in the United States may be Fcnt to Kalaupapa. For our port, we arc con- vinced that the Hawaiian board of health is doing an excellent work in the matter of leprosy, and we fully generic zyban indorse Dr. generic zyban cst Stone's deprecation of interference with the board's system. TIIK X KAYS IN TllnltAnc HI AliNOSIS. TliK increasing I'diripiiry of thf X rays in nuMliral dingnnsis is beaiilifiilly illustrated by an ortiric on Romp of the Medical i'Kc.s nf tin- IMiit^i-n lii>;ht, by Dr. Francis zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan II. Williams, of [{imtoti, |Mililisliril in llio Ameriran Juurnnl of the Mciliritl Sriruccs for June. .\ series nf nix unusunlly clear 8kingrn|)hs ifi rcproilnroil, rnprescntinK the normal thorax in full in>lcuri-v \mIIi ■iiiulil elTtision, |iiiiiiniii)ifi in tli<' seveiitli ila\ ( iIk' lii-i'ii-c, pulmniinry tiilM'rctilo''is. atui passive i ■ ' ■ mn of the Iiim;;s. The nid rendered !■ tinn by tliese remarkably cli'ar pirtu the outlines of the heart, the trachea, and oesophagus, the visible part of the aortic arch, the ribs, and the clavicle showing in marked contrast to the clear space of the normal lungs. The diseased portions of the lungs in the various pictures also show up well. These illustrations are among the best zyban nline n prescriptin we have seen, and are convincing proof that it is only a question of hw much des zyban cst in australia time ere a zyban generic buprpin large part of the field of medical pathology will lie as open to visual examination as is that of surgical pathology. .STREET-CAR EXCCRSIOXS FOU CHILDKr.N. The steamboat excursions which are provided for children in the zyban sr 150 mg tablet Atlantic cities, and probably in those of the Pacific also, leave nothing to be desired except their multiplication. It is gratifying to observe that the inland cities are profiting by the trolley-car lines to give their children excursions little if at all less enjoy- able than our aquatic outings and doubtless quite as beneficial from the point of view of health. Numbers of these excursions were to be seen in Columbus rder zyban n prescriptin during the recent meeting of the American Medical Associa- tion. PARALY.SIS AGITANS FOLLOWING AX IN.IIKY. The curious fact of the development of tj'pical paralysis agitans as a sequel of fracture of the lower end of the radius is recorded bv Dr. hw much des zyban cst in ntari Kohler {Monats- schrift fur UnfaUheilkundc, 1S99, No. 2; Centralblatt fiir Chirurgie, June 3d). The patient nn-prescriptin zyban was a perfectly healthy man, sixty-one years old, of normal heredity, and living in easy circumstances. It is particularly hw much des zyban cst in canada stated that he was in zyban nline australia no wise excited by the accident. GEXITO-CRURAL NKlKAlAil A. Persistent pain in the genito-crural nerve, often accompanied with tenderness on pressure over that por- tion of the spermatic cord that occupies the ingtiinal generic zyban nline canal, may be the expression of any one of a number of lesions. Donath and lluti (Wiener klinUche Wochen- srhrift, 1809, No. 11; Gazette hebdomadaire de mede- cinc ct de chirurgie. May 21'st) record the case of a young man in whom it followed gonorrhoea complicated with inflammation of the left epididymis. It was felt along the course of the left spermatic cord, and radi- ated toward the crest of the ilium. A portion of the genito-crural nerve rather more buy zyban nline canada than two inches long was excised and found to be normal in structure. For two months there was eom])lctc absence of pain; then it recurred, but in reduced intensity, and wa.^ accora- jianied by augmented sexual desire and virile power, l-'inally the pain (Jisajipcared again almost completely. Till-, ATIIKNIAN 1M,A(;1|-. oK THE rELOroXNE.<;iAN \VAK.

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