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The plague dcscrilied by Thucydides as afllicting the 300,000 men immured in Athens in the second year of the war. the year (."lO Buy Zyprexa M. c. has been maile the sub- ject of study by Dr. W. Klivtein, wli» has published a pomphlet wiiidi is reviewed iiriclly by I>r. (Jumprccht, of .Fenn. in the Crulntlhlilt fur iniirrr Mediciti for .June 3d. It seems tlmt lli.- diseu-e wii« neute in its onset, with :i ' ' • ' ■ ' ■ ' ill till- eyes, foil..' .:. f.iiilne«« of til. . ...... .. .. ■!! 894 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [N. Y. Meu. Joce , or vomiting and hiccough. Purchase Zyprexa There were great restless- ness and insomnia, and vesicles and ulcers formed on the skin. The Zyprexa 10 victims usually succumbed in from seven to nine da3-s. Those who recovered were apt to be affected with gangrene of the limbs. To the remark that the essential nature of the plague is Zyprexa Purchase uncertain is appended the following clever rendering of one of Ham- let's sayings: Es gicbt eben vielir Dinge im Tlimmel nnd auf Erden, als ivir uns in unseror Schuhveisheit triiunien lassen, but whether it is Ebstein's, Gura- precht's, or some other writer's is not clear. GASTRIC DISTURBANCES IN THE EARLY STAGE OP CONSUMPTION. The b3'-symptoras of pulmonary consumption are often more distressing to the patient and Olanzapine 5 Mg more taxing to the physician than the essential manifestations. Dr. W. Croner {Deutsche medicinisclie Woche7ischrift, 1898; No. 48; CeniralblaU fur innere Mcdicin, May 20, 1899) divides the gastric Risperidone Olanzapine symptoms into two groups, according as they appear before or after the pulmonary affection has frankly declared itself. He is unable to trace them to either gastritis or ansemia, and is content to Olanzapine Tablet term them functional disturbances. He thinlcs there is no reason to dread overfeeding in such cases. THE ROULETTE OF PREGNANCY. Yet another method of making boys or girls at will Zyprexa Buy ! This time it comes from Greece. Dr. C. Nicolo- poulos argues in the Grcce medicale for April that the right ovary produces males and the left females, and that the ovaries e.xercise their function alternately, the entire puerperal period being regarded as the equivalent of one menstrual period. Whence it follows that if a woman has given birth to a male child, the first and each following imeven Zyprexa Online menstruation will prove the time for impregnation if a female child is desired, while the second and subsequent even men- struations are the proper times to fecundate if a male child is desired. This process might be termed the roulette of pregnancy, but there will probably be an in- ordinate number of zeros to pairs Online Zyprexa and impairs. A POINT IN TREPHINING FOPv THE RELIEF OF PRESSURE. It is soTuetinies desirable to prevent the formation of new bone after the operation of trephining. At a recent meeting of the Paris Academy of iVIedicine (Journal des praticicns, April 20th) M. Cornil gave it as the result of clinical observations by M. Chipault and experiments by M. Berezowski that the dura mater became the starting point of new bone after trephin- ing, and advised removing a disc of it in cases in which the formation of new bone was objectionable. DEEP RESPIRATIONS AS A PROPII V1,AC'1'IC Olanzapine Tablets IN HEPATIC COLIC. M. MoBius (Nouveau Monlpellier medical, April 30th) has found that in a patient subject to attacks of hepatic colic he was able to avert the crises by " mas- sage of the liver," as follows: The patient is directed, on first warning of an attack, to take slowly as Zyprexa 10mg deep an inspiration as possible, lasting at least five seconds; the breath is retained for from fifteen to thirty seconds more, and then a deep expiration, lasting from ten Zyprexa 5 to fifteen seconds, is practised. This operation is repeated several times. During this process the liver is alter- nately depressed and elevated, this action constituting a sort Cheap Zyprexa of massage. M. Mobius considers that the ab- sence of hepatic movements is the most common cause of cholelithiasis, which explains, in his opinion, its greater frequency among women, with their thoracic respiration and corset immobilization, than among men. "NO TEMPERATURE." Not infrequently, in reading the manuscripts of es- teemed and valued contributors, whose professional at- tainments are beyond question, we find the expression " no temperature " in the description of the condition of a patient. Olanzapine Risperidone Now, temperature is a property of all matter, Olanzapine Price living or dead, organic or inorganic. As pa- tients (when not fictitious) are quite material beings, they must have a temperature, and so must their re- mains Zyprexa Mg after death. Possibly the Olanzapine 10 Mg shades of the good have " no temperature " ; as for those of the bad, we shall have to consult a Presbyterian minister before expressing an opinion on the subject. However, what our contributors Olanzapine 5mg evidently mean is that their patients had no abnormally liigh temperature, and therefore in such cases we take the liberty of adding the qualifying

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