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more or less imperfectly defined, which is immediately at the focus. Second, in the clearness of definition. The careful correction of spherical and chromatic aber- ration gives us a view of the outer portion of the eye which is remarkable for distinctness and beauty. Third, in the size of the field, as indicated by the angle of aper- ture already described. With low magnification the en- tire cornea and iris are easily visible, except the segment usually covered by the upper lid, and even when the amplification is greater the field is proportionately large. As to the real value of the instrument, I would renova online say, first, it is probably of some use in where can i buy renova observing physio- logical variations in the size and form of the pupil. As to this point, it would seem almost impossible to obtain any new data after the careful studies made by Leber, Aubert, and other investigators. I must confess, however, that before using the microscope in this way, I never cheap renova appreciated the almost perpetual motion visible in buy renova cream the normal iris when moderately contracted. Thus, if the pupil be illuminated only from the side with a moderate light, the rest of the room being partly dark- ened, it is easy to count fifteen, eighteen, to twenty or more distinct contractions, with corresponding dilata- tions, within thirty seconds. By simple renova canada experiments it is easy to determine tiiat many of these contractions are due, as we should expect, to eiforts at accommodation; but whether others are due to variations in the blood cur- rent, or perhaps indirectly to menial processes, it is difficult to ascertain. It would form an interesting field for investigation. Not only are the variations in the size of" llic ])iipil more renova cream easily seen than with the naked eye, but in certain cases it is interesting renova uk to notice the changes in form. Evcrsbusch long renova cost ago called attention to the fact that the human iris occasionally tends to resemble in structure that of the carnivorir — namely, that there is sometimes a dislinet interlacing of the spliinclcr fibres above and below. This tendency lo Ihe oval form 1 have noticed with the microscope when n inydrinlic is discount renova coiiimencing to have its effect. June 17, 1899.J MURDOCH: THE GASTRIC SECRETIONS IN HEART DISEASE. 853 Second. A microscope thus mounted is of assistance in studpng price of renova certain pathological conditions. Among these I would specially mention: (a) Small opacities on the cornea — although for this, or for detecting buy renova online foreign purchase renova online bodies, the instrument is not order renova as useful as might be expected, and infinitely less con- venient than the pocket lens. (6) The extent or changes in ulcerative processes in the cornea. The edges of an ulcer, its depth, and the character of the deposit, can not only be seen better than with the pocket lens, but, when the reparative process begins, the flatness of the field shows very beautifully the loops of fine capillaries which advance from the corneal margin, changing sometimes from day to day. (c) QCdcma of the iris, circumscribed or general, with or without exudation, can be seen readily. The crypts are either partly filled or obliterated with de- posit, the trabecula) in the lesser circle become indis- tinct, and the circular contraction grooves near the peripheral margin show beautifully the effects of the swelling. By observing those at intervals it is possible to notice changes in the iris wliich, as a whole, ordi- narily escape detection. {d) It is interesting to contrast the normal active pupil with one torpid or paralyzed. Our ordinary renova purchase meth- ods of testing tiie pupillary reaction are certainly inac- curate, and if, as it appears, we have in the compound microscope, thus arranged, an instrument for recogniz- ing imperfect motion of the iris, it will probably give an indication as to incipient diseases of the optic nerve, assist in the differential diagnosis of a toxic or hys- terical amblyopia, and in the renova prices detection of simulated blindncs!'. Third. The microscope is certainly of value in photographing the anterior portion of the eye, in cither a normal or an abnormal condition. Any one who has attempted work in this direction will appreciate the adviinlnge of having suflTicicnt amplification with a clear, flat field. With this microscope a photograph lias been taken of the iris more than twenty-five centimetres in diameter. In referring to this microscope and the work which it will do, I have enrenova coupon not to be conHigned to the limlK) of disearde'■'■■ r""i vrihip to the cost of renova work- ing ophthalmologist. Dr. Oiler the Cavcndiih Lecturer. — The Caven(li^'h Ixrturi" of till' Wi'xt I.'iiiiion Nfi'
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